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Friday, December 21, 2012

The NRA's buffoonery and the GOP's bad Haircutting

Firstly to the NRA's Buffoonery, and really America, could we expect anything less from Wayne La Pierre  one of the biggest buffoons of modern times! No Mr. La Pierre ,everybody having guns or being armed isnt the solution, its the problem!!! The protestor who interruppted your speech was right, the blood of not only the Newtown 26, but so many more are on the hands of the NRA and their republican supporters!!! Simply put there must be  a Ban on assault Weapons in America and severe  penalties on those who violate it!! THAT is the only way we will avoid the continued incidents of mass shootings in America!!! When Mr. Lapierre, will enough blood be enough?!!!!

Now to the Fiscal cliff, simply put the republican party is trying to give America a bad and unnecessary fiscal buzz cut! And in the dead of a economic winter like this one, Americans dont need  to be buzzed by the republican party!!! Simply put, this issue requires a balanced approach, like what the president is offering, and it is time that the republicans stop with the politics, stop with the partisanship, and get the deal done!! And if they fail to do so, If Americans are faced with fiscal hardship because of the out of control politics and partisanship of the republican party, then EVERY republican needs to be held accountable! Its not the time for a buzzcut for America , its time for a precision styling, a Balanced approach!!! And if the Republican party doesn come to this understanding and FAST, then in 2014 the american peopl need to give them a well deserved buzzcut in the ballotbox!!!

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