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Friday, December 7, 2012

Going Down with the Ship?(the republicans & the fiscal cliff)

Simply put, it seems that Speaker Boehner and his Republicans are poised to go down with the ship, still lost in the fantasy that somehow public opinion and sentiment is on their side! Well news flash Mr. Speaker: THEY ARENT!!! And, after the failure of the republican gamble for total control this past election, you, and your republican collegues, should recognize just where you are at! It's called a sinking ship! I remember the last time such a boat was floated. The captain of that ship was another speaker, and his name was Newt Gingrich. And he too was under the impression that, if he flew America off another cliff, that somehow he and his republicans would be lauded for their being arbiters of austerity! And so he shut down the Gov. and the rest was history, as was Republican control of the House at that time! And seemingly not having learned from that Lesson, Speaker Boehner is poised, along with his colleagues, to repeat it! The speaker says that the president needs to "come to him", speaking as if they are somehow equals! News Flash  Speaker Boehner: YOURE NOT!!! He is the sitting president, a sitting president re-elected by a overwhelming majority to a SECOND term! You cater to him and those he represents, he doesnt cater to you! It is time for the House of Representitives and the republican party to recognize the pecking order here ! White House & Senate: Democrat, House:Republican! In America majority rules, minority follows and it is time that the republicans, lead by Speaker Boehner, fold their tent on this Taxing the rich issue!!! Because Simply put, going down with the ship is still going down plain and simple!! And it is irresponsible leadership and a disservice to the american people for the speaker and the house to take the American economy down with them!!! This is no gallant struggle Mr. Speaker, and the american public certainly arent going to reward you for this stance, so show some real leadership and end this political farce!!!!

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