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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Fiscal cliff(one more time with feeling!)

AS the Republicans continue to obstruct and politic with the fiscal cliff looming, it is clear that the voice of the people must be raised, and the president should call for it one more time WITH FEELING!!! Because after their moment of humility in the aftermath of the President's Re-election, and the failure of the Republican party to take the Senate, they(the republicans) are swiftly returning to being the party of obstruction  and the party of Misrepresentation!!! This aint about austerity, this isnt about the future, or about spending, its simply about maintaining the status quo for their supporters!!!! It's not about the country its about, once again , Politics as usual!! And, after losing so convincingly in the election this past November, it is appalling to see the republicans acting, like they did in 2009,as if the election didnt happen! It seems that the only voice the republican party heeds or listens to, is the voice of Millionaires and Billionaires, and that must change if we are to solve issues like the fiscal cliff or the upcoming debt ceiling!!!!! The people have spoken Republicans, Speaker Boehner, what part of no to your  version of austerity dont you understand?!!!!  If America goes over the fiscal cliff, it will be due to the arrogance of the republican party, no more no less!! Because it is simply your arrogance and hubris that , due to and for politics sake, that you would, as a minority party, and with a  losing election fresh not only in your minds , but in the minds of the american people, that you would continue in this vein and stance!! So I call upon President Obama,, and Vice President Biden to, ONCE MORE WITH FEELING , bring this to the attention of the american people and call them to action!!!
Because what the republicans are doing in this process is both self serving and a disservice to the american people!!!!

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