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Thursday, January 30, 2014

The future of America A.O.(After Obama)

AS President Barrack Obama  approaches the end of his historic presidency, we in America, and espeically in the Black community, must begin to address and ponder what will the future of America be in a Obama)! For while President Obama has acquitted himself admirably in his historic position of being the first man of color to become president of the USA, other than the breaking of the white ceiling of leadership in the highest office in the land, Very little, if anything, has changed in America since the presidents Historic victory!! The poor are still poor, the rich are still obscenely rich, the  wars still rage, and in response to his historic victory, racism in America has resurged! And while he has been a inspirational and positive figure in America, and particularly in the Black community, for indeed the positive image he has presented as a man of color and as a family man of color has served the community of color and the nation very well, The standstill that he has been held to by the political status quo has prevented him from making any real advances or the real changes that Americans , especially BLACK americans, were hoping for when they turned out in droves for him! Simply put, the Obama presidency stands now as a bulwark, a finger in the dyke so to speak, preventing the deluge of social issues and discussions that need to be had and were wanted by those who put him in office! And the fights that needed to be waged were essentially put on hold in order to fight to maintain the validity of this presidency and to sustain same!!! SO the future of America, America after Obama, will remain a future of questions, questions that once the Obama presidency and all it represents is over, will have to be answered!!!!