the Mosque in NYC yes or no

Thursday, September 29, 2011

why Occupying wall street matters

There is a little protest for those of you who havent heard down on Wall Street in the NYC and while it hasnt yet become palatable to the "Establishment" media, you need to know and understand that Occupying Wall street does matter! And why does it matter you ask?  Well,with the unemployment rate being nearly double digits,   with millions of children and families living in poverty in America,  with thousands in America Homeless   thats why it matters! And, with all this going on in America, the greatest reason why it matters is that, while our elected lawmakers, the people who are supposed to fight against all that i have just cited, wont fight against people being poor and homeless and unemployed, they will fight to the death to make sure that the rich(wall streeters) arent taxed! They will sign off on untold billions to make sure Wall Street doesnt'fail"! That is Why Occupy Wall Street matters, to show America that the true spirit of America still exists! That in America there are people who still have heart and who still care! I hope with all my heart that those who fight the good fight down on Wall Street continue until the light that they deserve is shone upon them! Greed is not good for America, and the millions of unemployed, and the thousands of poor and homeless in the richest country in the world can attend to that fact!!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sarah Palin 2012 or never!!!

As Sarah Palin procrastinates and plays coy with whether or not she intends to run for president in 2012, I would say to her, that Sarah, its 2012 or never! If Sarah Palin gets in to the race for 2012, win or lose she automatically is in the hunt for 2016! She, by competing ,solidifies her political status among the republican party and conservatives. She, in effect, beomes LEGIT! But if she declines to run in 2012 then for all intents and purposes her political career, is over! And it will be a golden opportunity squandered! For Sarah Palin her situation has become Temple Grandinesque! She must summon up the courage to walk thru the open door, and yes into the eye of the Hurricane! Because if she does not, that door will be locked to her forever! The time has come Sarah, its now or never!!!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The republican political circus!

With the desparate effort by the republicans to unseat the Incumbent president continuing more and more to resemble A  circus, the speculation continues to rise, and the door remains wide open, for every and anybody to get into the republican race! But the republicans must come to grips that be it Chris Christie, Sarah Palin, whomever, until the message becomes palatable to America WHO delivers it doesnt matter!Jumping thru hoops for Fox news and Sean Hannity doesnt matter, Juggling candidates for Rush limbaugh doesnt matter, candidates breathing fire for the Tea party's benefit doesnt matter! The current republican messgae, the class warfare, the us versus them, is part and parcel of the same Old republican playbook!The game plan that failed them in 2008, and the same game plan that will fail them again in 2012! Life is not a three ring circus and neither is Politics! And for the republicans this continued political search only needs for the clowns to be sent in!!!!

Monday, September 26, 2011

The voice of the people!(voices of dissent)

As the saying goes," I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it!" And there it is!  While we may not agree with any criticism offered against the first black president, by black people, they have every right to do so! And they have every reason to do so! For to parapharase another saying, What does the black community gain by having a black president, but in the process lose its soul? Now we all know as black people where Barrack Obama is and what he has gone thru, that is the reason why his support among us is so strong, We get it mr. president, we can relate! But when the people give voice to their concerns, their reservations, their questions they need to be heard! I refuse, as should any and all black people, any and all democrats to subscribe to the premise of blind allegiance, of marching in locked step! That is not for black people and it is certainly not for Democrats! The democrats  represent the voice of the people, and the voice of the people should never be silenced! As another "black" president once famously said "I feel your pain". That is the voice of dissent, that is the voice of the people, a people who mr. president ,as they bore you to the highest office in the land, endured and continue to endure the greatest amount of pain in this society and in this economic time! And they deserve to be heard, not dismissed! And when leaders in our community come forward expressing the pain and the voice of the people, they are to be commended, because they are doing their job, they are representing us, they are leading! This is the very foundation of America, when the founders spoke out against king george, and this must never be discouraged, because that is what makes america great!
So while Barrack Obama is our president and I will praise him and support him as a black man in america, I will not turn on my brother or sister simply because they decide to do what they are guaranteed by law to do in this nation, and that is speak their mind! And neither should any of  you out there in america!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Post Publican debate analysis!

Last nights republican debate turned into a star turn ,not for Rick Perry, as many in the media had hoped but for Mitt Romney, who, with succint correctness and , Horror of horrors , real personality, actually solidified his status as the front runner for the republican nomination! In their confrontation last evening ( the engineering of same which should be complained about by every other candidate who participated) Romney clearly looked far more polished, and Rick Perry looked Like He had never been a political debate! Unless Rick Perry makes substantial changes in his debating style, his candidacy is a goner! The debate had its moments, and I would say to Newt Gingrich, the unemployed arent to be "experimented" on. They are to be helped, period!
Didnt know that Herman Cain was a stage 4 cancer survivor. I salute U sir! Starting to see a bit of desparation in the Huntsman Bid. Ron Paul Top tier? Maybe at hogwarts but in the real world, abidicating all responsibility just doesnt fly sir! Love how they ducked Michelle Bachman last evening! Give em hell Michelle! Rick Santorum two words: Anger management! And the New kid on the block, the former New Mexcio Gov made great waves, too bad hes just a latecomer, maybe too late for his candidacy! But in the end two things wre solidified in this bloggers eyes regarding the Republican process, 1> Mitt romney is the clear front runner & 2> If Sarah Palin enters the race, nearly everyones else campaign  is History!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

The debate tonight and the democratic future

As the Pubs debate tonight I am wondering if there will be, in 2012, a repeat of the democratic debacle of 2010. Because to be frank, nothing much has changed since then, the same democratic hierarchy remains in place, the same attitudes remain in place, and the same republican goal remains set. We have a tale of two machines, one that has been running on all cylinders since the  day after that fateful election in 2008 and another machine which continues to sputter and clunk on the political road! This debate tonight, like all the republican debates that have passed is a doorway from which we can view the future, and I dont like what im seeing! They say a rolling stone gathers no moss, but one thing it does gather is momentum, and momentum is something that, in politics, is hard to stop, and hard to catch up with! The democrats must realize that they are standing still while the republicans have been running this race for four years come this january! And if they dont get it together, the future, for Democrats and their supporters is not looking so Bright! So watch the PUBBY debate tonight, and tell me, DO U SEE WHAT I SEE?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

2 state solution is the solution!

AS we continue   haggling over Palestine, it must be understood that a 2 state solution is indeed THE solution! As Palestine petitions for statehood, I say, give it to them, but let it be made to be understood right there on the floor of the general assembly of the United Nations that, with statehood comes responsibility! Because just as palestine wants its statehood respected and acknowledged, so too must they respect and acknowledge Israel! As Palestine wants the  right to exist as a state, so too must they respect Israels right to exist! If Palestine want to enter the world community of nations, it must remember and be prepared to accept the responsibility of being a state! And it must be made clear to Palestine that  with statehood comes responsibility and accountability! And that is what statehood would bring to the table, and that is why statehood is a good thing! Accountability and responsibility! Putting the ball squarely in Palestines court!  The 2 state solution! THE SOLUTION!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Class warfare=No class!

Much has been made as of  late about class warfare and who is waging it on capitol hill, but to anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of political history of the last 30 years knows, and  clearly realzies that it is the republican party and conservatives who have been waging class warfare against the poor and mionorities for over 30 years! For example: Reagans trickle down Economics, Class warfare! Newt gingrich's welfare reform, Class warfare! The Bush tax cuts, Class warfare! And of course the Tea Party and the fight against Obamacare , Class warfare! The sad fact is that in class warfare, only the rich elite class wins! And they will continue to do so as long as the republicans and conservatives mislead the all too willingly mislead in this nation!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Greed & politics( the real reason why!)

The president & the democrats have invested Billions into this economy for both Buisness and everyday americans alike, yet nothing seems to be working! No jobs are being created and the so called job creators are saying that its because of the buisness climate. Well to that I say B-S!!!!
again I said that the president and the democrats invested Billions of dollars into this economy, Billions! Taxes have been cut to the bone. As has regulation, Buisness couldnt ask for a better enviorment than this! So why arent jobs being created by the Job creators? 2 reasons! One, of course, is that a successful economy will insure that Barrack Obama is re-elected and the 'Job creators/REPUBLICANS dont want that! And 2 :Its because that America is the only place where they(buisness) has to live and operate under law and regulation, and where unions and collective bargaining keeps the buisness -employee relationship on a level playing field(until recently anyway!)
Where Human rights and dignity must be accepted and respected, and where a living wage prevails! Its not that Obama and the democrats have failed on the economy, its that republicans dont want him to succeed, and that the rest of the world is so welcoming to what corprorate greed entails, that it is not advantageous for the corporate world to Bring Jobs back to America or create them here!

Until America gets tough on the corporate world and comes together with the international community to end or check the economic exploitation, the poverty that exists worldwide will worsen, as will the pollution, and the wars and the revolutions and for Americans the Unemployment! its that simple! Its all about greed and politics!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Playing favorities?( and a bit about Sarah Palin)

It seems that the media is playing favorites as this election cycyle progresses! There seems to be a concetrtedf effort by the media to turn the republican race for the Presidential nomination into a two person race, and there also seems to be a concerted effort to force Michelle Bachman out of the race! Why? Why isnt say, Herman Cain, or Ron Paul garnering the same negative attention as Ms. Bachmann? Now I am definately not a supporter, but I do support fair play and equal opportunity! And every day we are bombarded in the media of how her campaign is on its last legs and yada yada yada! News flash, media is to inform, not to shape opinion and it shouldnt be , by any stretch , trying to shape the presidential race for its(media) benefit! So stop trying to run Michelle Bachman out of the race news media! Be objective, not with a objective! because that is not fair play!

As for Sarah Palin three words: Run Sarah Run! Enough said!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Obama as Atlas?

In the old greek myths it was Atlas who bore the weight of the world on his shoulders, and, judging from the cotninued bad news for the democrats and  their supporters in the electorial cycles, Obama may have to bear the weight of the democratic political world on his shoulders in the next 14 months! Because he is correct in his assumption that its not about getting him(Obama ) a victory in 2013, its about getting the democratic party and those who beleive and support them, and, by extension, him a victory! There was a lot of hope invested into this president, people invested their very futures into this president, and with things looking so tenous, people are right to be concerned!
In the next 14 months this president is going to have to shoulder the burden and make a atlas like effort to save ,not only his presidency, but the hopes and dreams of those who have invested so much into it! If he can pull it off, the political capital that was lost in the wake of the 2009 election will be restored to him and the agenda he so wanted to pursue can be brought to its fruition! But if not if will as if Atlas lost his burden, and the world came crashing down!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Post PUB debate analysis!

The madness of the tea partiers aside( and make no mistake that was as close to a klan rally as it gets) The debate last evening on CNN only proved whatI said in my post of Sept 8 about the last debate, that this race is wide open! The hype about Rick Perry has been completely dispelled! And he is now just another candidate running in a wide open field! And yes, like it or not, the door remains open if a certain geekbilly mom from Wasila Alaska finally decides she wants in! The clear winner of last evenings debate was Michelle Bachman ,who pressed hard on the issues! John Huntsman is desparately trying to get in, but until the field is thinned, he simply will have to wait. Rick Perry does have that down home Texas charm, But its going to take a lot more than that to win the nomination! Mitt Is definately looking and sounding like he wants it,but his acumen and intelligence was lost on the lynch mob mentality red meat tea partiers! And we wont even address Ron Paul, A so-called physician essentially saying that if someone was sick, theyre on their own(to which the tea partiers cheered!) As I said, this race aint over until it is indeed over, and all involved better be prepared to be in it for the long haul! Because that is excactly what its shaping up to be(media efforts to the contrary aside) a long haul!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Post Jobs speech analysis!

The republicans were treated last evening to the Obama they didnt want to see!A fired up hitting on all oratory cylinders Obama! The president was in fine form last evening as he made the case for His Jobs bill. And as he spoke with the "firece urgency of now, the republicans may have realized last evening that, Polls and biased press aside, that President Obama May not be as easy of political pickings as they first thought! And if he(President Obama) Makes good on his promise to take his message on jobs across this nation, the republicans may indeed find themselves in trouble as 2012 approaches! Because indeed this Jobs situation demands   "fierce urgency" it demands a end to politics and it demands action. Because as the president said, "The american people cannot afford to wait until 2013, they need help now!" On a scale of 1-10 this performance by the POTUS was no doubt a 11! But now that the speechifying is dont, its time for the action! Because  in this unemeployment emergency, Action, from Washington DC Must speak louder than words!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Post Publican debate Analysis!

In the aftermath of the Republican debate last evening( And yes mr Gingrich, its a debate, where issues and records are debated, not a Rush Limbaugh fail Obama fail rally!) It was clear that the race for the republican nomination is still wide open. Rick Perry didnt live up to the hype, and indeed Mitt Romney cemented his front runner status. John Huntsman remains a stalking horse and Michelle Bachman is only a moment away from the spotlight! This nomination will be up for grabs until at least after the caucuses  for the above named, and the door remains open If Sarah Palin or a surprise candidacy Ie:  Jeb Bush or Chris Christie decides to enter! But despite what the hype , the media, and the 'so-called' experts might try to tell you, this race remains wide open and with a nation to run in, I dont see this field narrowing any time soon! so we continue down the campaign trail folks!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

showdown at the republican corrall!

There hasnt been this big of a showdown since the Earps faced down the gang in Tombstone! Tonight, when Rick Perry faces down Mitt Romney in the republican debate, shots will fly, and its is clear that Rick Perry, the newly media minted front runner ,will be the prime target!It will be interesting to see if the much hyped texas gov has any substance, or if indeed he is, as many are speculating, simply media hype! But tonight will be a evening of of political bullets and gunsmoke, and when it clears, whomever is left standing will enjoy the benefit of being the medias anoited one(unless the next big entrant into the race arrives!) So Political junkies and the like, cook up your finger foods, because its going to be a good one!!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

scorched earth politics and the swing vote

The political weekend aside, it is clear that scorched earth politics are at work in America. Because it is clear(at least to me anyway) that this unemployment situation, like many of the Problems we now face in America were manufactured! And that industry was the only thing manufactuing in America!   We pour billions into the economy and none of them are re-invested, we give Stimulus dollars and they arent even spent! The doors to employment are locked and closed to eveyday americans, and then the Government  hands are tied by those who would benefit the most from scorching the earth as they have done! Scorched earth politics plain and simple, and as he looks out over the now barren earth, the only question is: when will President Obama get more than a little angry about it? When will he call out those whom we invested billions of dollars into to no avail? When will he rebuke those who took stimulus dollars and did ngwith them? When will he(the president) address the scorched earth politics that have undermined his presidency?

That question aside, the president also needs to be very worried about the swing vote. Because it is that swing vote who he will need to keep him in office. The Black vote is solid for him, as is the democratic vote, but it is the swing vote that is the greatest question for Obama as he heads into 2012. For if hope & change has turned for swing voters into despair and disapointment, then Obama will indeed be, as Michelle bachman continually  touts "a one -term-president"!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

The case for New stimulus(Obama's jobs speech)

With President Obama about to put the focus on Jobs In America, and with the republicans preparing to oppose it as a "stimulus ' plan, the president needs to make the case to the American people, and then press the case that  stimulus works and it is needed! He needs to cite the IMMEDIATE jobs that a new stimulus would create and the IMMEDIATE capital that it would infuse into the economy! Above all, the president must make the case and then pressthe fact that the Unemployment situation we are now in  is a issue for the here and now, and that it must be of priority! The American people are hurting right now, and they are demanding action! He( President Obama) needs to quote Reagan to the republicans who will talk about the deficit, in response to new stimulus, because after all, it was Ronald Reagan himself who said that deficits "dont matter" when weighed against the here and now! America is in a unemployment emergency, something we havent seen since the first Bush administration, and that is the primary economic issue and problem that America is facing and must solve! Its time for the political and the political lip service to end, and the president must press this forward in his speech! America needs investment and capital gotten to the American people, and it is needed now, not later! We dont need tax cuts and deregulation, because all that facilitates is hoarding and higher profit margins, not jobs! Simply put America is in a unemployment crisis, and it is government who must lead the way! More stimulus now, stimulus checks and stimulus jobs! its that simple!

Palin crashing the party ?

AS the next republican debate approaches, the question now foremost on republican minds is: Will Sarah Palin crash the party and enter the race for the republican nomination for president? The answer to that is: Why not?! It is , after all, A race, and a open race at that! She has all of the qualifacations of the front runners in the race, and their experience as well. She's a former Gov justs as Mitt Romney & Rick Perry are, and she is just as controversial and as conservative as michelle bachman is, so again why not! Sarah should get and continue to stir the republican pot. something she has done very well, and is yet to be creditied for by the republican establishment!

Friday, September 2, 2011

it is the hot air or is it just me?( the engative effect of excessive punditry in America.

Back when the media was the bastion of integrity in America, when newspaper journalism was the sword  of morality in America,back when punditry was virtually non-existant, America was a different place! Different and better politically, morally & socially! It was a america with a higher moral standard and compass. Where media supported and reinforced values and standards, and during that period, America fostered hope and dreams ,  America changed for the better! Civil rights and civil discourse were the law and the norm, but now, years later, the rise of Political punditry and the expansion of "social media"(and when i say social media, i dont mean facebook, I mean the nancy graces, fox news channels and rush limbaughs, THAT type of social media!)has led to a decline in integrity! The ceaseless chatter of pundits 24/7, not for the sake of news, information and journalism, which is what news and journalism was all about,but for its own self perpetration and validation! And that has cheapned us as a nation. Too many voices talking loud and saying nothing! AS the saying goes:too many cooks spoiling the soup! The media used to be the voice of the people, but now the peoples voice has been supplanted for the self service,  arrogance, and self-interest of todays media! This is not the media of Cronkite, who's celebrity was earned by integrity.   Can you imagine cronkite on Dancing with the stars? This is not the media of Woodward and Bernstein, and the differance in america is apparent because of it! In a time when the sustantive media of the past is sorely needed. todays media, with its excessive punditry, is sorely lacking in same(substance) the people have lost their voice, and it has been supplanted with opinion and the vapid speculation of pundits whos only interest is themselves! Where have you gone uncle walter? Because America sure needs you!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Compromise is not leading!

When president Obama came to power with a huge mandate, the american people spoke! They said we want you Barrack Obama to lead. Bolstered by the prospect of change the american people invested their vote and support to you, thinking that change had indeed come to america to quote a phrase! And now ,some 3 years later, how appalled those people must now be! Because nothing has changed, indeed Washington & America has gotten worse! You were the man who was supposed to lead the charge to change, the commander in chief, the HNIC! But instead of the general who would lead America to a new deal, A new day, you have become for all purposes, a doormat for and to the republicans, and the interests of the Status quo! And it is getting to the point where you are virtually allowing the republicans & and speaker boehner to wipe their feet on you! And now, with your presidecy hanging on the precipice, you suffer yet anothe rpublic debacle! When will enough be enough Mr. president? There is too much at stake, and far too many americans hopes and dreams invested within you to allow things to continue in this vein! Simply put sir, in order for people to follow you must LEAD!!!! And though you may be loathe to admit it, COMPROMISE is not LEADING!!! You were elected to lead, not follow or compromise, and its way past time you do so! This is rapidly turning into a last stand not only for you, but the millions of Americans who believed in and support you!It's time to take off the Kid gloves sir, its time to Lead! No more compromise, no more capitulation! Lead and America will follow!