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Saturday, September 3, 2011

The case for New stimulus(Obama's jobs speech)

With President Obama about to put the focus on Jobs In America, and with the republicans preparing to oppose it as a "stimulus ' plan, the president needs to make the case to the American people, and then press the case that  stimulus works and it is needed! He needs to cite the IMMEDIATE jobs that a new stimulus would create and the IMMEDIATE capital that it would infuse into the economy! Above all, the president must make the case and then pressthe fact that the Unemployment situation we are now in  is a issue for the here and now, and that it must be of priority! The American people are hurting right now, and they are demanding action! He( President Obama) needs to quote Reagan to the republicans who will talk about the deficit, in response to new stimulus, because after all, it was Ronald Reagan himself who said that deficits "dont matter" when weighed against the here and now! America is in a unemployment emergency, something we havent seen since the first Bush administration, and that is the primary economic issue and problem that America is facing and must solve! Its time for the political and the political lip service to end, and the president must press this forward in his speech! America needs investment and capital gotten to the American people, and it is needed now, not later! We dont need tax cuts and deregulation, because all that facilitates is hoarding and higher profit margins, not jobs! Simply put America is in a unemployment crisis, and it is government who must lead the way! More stimulus now, stimulus checks and stimulus jobs! its that simple!

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