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Thursday, September 22, 2011

The debate tonight and the democratic future

As the Pubs debate tonight I am wondering if there will be, in 2012, a repeat of the democratic debacle of 2010. Because to be frank, nothing much has changed since then, the same democratic hierarchy remains in place, the same attitudes remain in place, and the same republican goal remains set. We have a tale of two machines, one that has been running on all cylinders since the  day after that fateful election in 2008 and another machine which continues to sputter and clunk on the political road! This debate tonight, like all the republican debates that have passed is a doorway from which we can view the future, and I dont like what im seeing! They say a rolling stone gathers no moss, but one thing it does gather is momentum, and momentum is something that, in politics, is hard to stop, and hard to catch up with! The democrats must realize that they are standing still while the republicans have been running this race for four years come this january! And if they dont get it together, the future, for Democrats and their supporters is not looking so Bright! So watch the PUBBY debate tonight, and tell me, DO U SEE WHAT I SEE?

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