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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Compromise is not leading!

When president Obama came to power with a huge mandate, the american people spoke! They said we want you Barrack Obama to lead. Bolstered by the prospect of change the american people invested their vote and support to you, thinking that change had indeed come to america to quote a phrase! And now ,some 3 years later, how appalled those people must now be! Because nothing has changed, indeed Washington & America has gotten worse! You were the man who was supposed to lead the charge to change, the commander in chief, the HNIC! But instead of the general who would lead America to a new deal, A new day, you have become for all purposes, a doormat for and to the republicans, and the interests of the Status quo! And it is getting to the point where you are virtually allowing the republicans & and speaker boehner to wipe their feet on you! And now, with your presidecy hanging on the precipice, you suffer yet anothe rpublic debacle! When will enough be enough Mr. president? There is too much at stake, and far too many americans hopes and dreams invested within you to allow things to continue in this vein! Simply put sir, in order for people to follow you must LEAD!!!! And though you may be loathe to admit it, COMPROMISE is not LEADING!!! You were elected to lead, not follow or compromise, and its way past time you do so! This is rapidly turning into a last stand not only for you, but the millions of Americans who believed in and support you!It's time to take off the Kid gloves sir, its time to Lead! No more compromise, no more capitulation! Lead and America will follow!

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