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Friday, September 23, 2011

Post Publican debate analysis!

Last nights republican debate turned into a star turn ,not for Rick Perry, as many in the media had hoped but for Mitt Romney, who, with succint correctness and , Horror of horrors , real personality, actually solidified his status as the front runner for the republican nomination! In their confrontation last evening ( the engineering of same which should be complained about by every other candidate who participated) Romney clearly looked far more polished, and Rick Perry looked Like He had never been a political debate! Unless Rick Perry makes substantial changes in his debating style, his candidacy is a goner! The debate had its moments, and I would say to Newt Gingrich, the unemployed arent to be "experimented" on. They are to be helped, period!
Didnt know that Herman Cain was a stage 4 cancer survivor. I salute U sir! Starting to see a bit of desparation in the Huntsman Bid. Ron Paul Top tier? Maybe at hogwarts but in the real world, abidicating all responsibility just doesnt fly sir! Love how they ducked Michelle Bachman last evening! Give em hell Michelle! Rick Santorum two words: Anger management! And the New kid on the block, the former New Mexcio Gov made great waves, too bad hes just a latecomer, maybe too late for his candidacy! But in the end two things wre solidified in this bloggers eyes regarding the Republican process, 1> Mitt romney is the clear front runner & 2> If Sarah Palin enters the race, nearly everyones else campaign  is History!

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