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Monday, September 26, 2011

The voice of the people!(voices of dissent)

As the saying goes," I may not agree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it!" And there it is!  While we may not agree with any criticism offered against the first black president, by black people, they have every right to do so! And they have every reason to do so! For to parapharase another saying, What does the black community gain by having a black president, but in the process lose its soul? Now we all know as black people where Barrack Obama is and what he has gone thru, that is the reason why his support among us is so strong, We get it mr. president, we can relate! But when the people give voice to their concerns, their reservations, their questions they need to be heard! I refuse, as should any and all black people, any and all democrats to subscribe to the premise of blind allegiance, of marching in locked step! That is not for black people and it is certainly not for Democrats! The democrats  represent the voice of the people, and the voice of the people should never be silenced! As another "black" president once famously said "I feel your pain". That is the voice of dissent, that is the voice of the people, a people who mr. president ,as they bore you to the highest office in the land, endured and continue to endure the greatest amount of pain in this society and in this economic time! And they deserve to be heard, not dismissed! And when leaders in our community come forward expressing the pain and the voice of the people, they are to be commended, because they are doing their job, they are representing us, they are leading! This is the very foundation of America, when the founders spoke out against king george, and this must never be discouraged, because that is what makes america great!
So while Barrack Obama is our president and I will praise him and support him as a black man in america, I will not turn on my brother or sister simply because they decide to do what they are guaranteed by law to do in this nation, and that is speak their mind! And neither should any of  you out there in america!

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