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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The republican political circus!

With the desparate effort by the republicans to unseat the Incumbent president continuing more and more to resemble A  circus, the speculation continues to rise, and the door remains wide open, for every and anybody to get into the republican race! But the republicans must come to grips that be it Chris Christie, Sarah Palin, whomever, until the message becomes palatable to America WHO delivers it doesnt matter!Jumping thru hoops for Fox news and Sean Hannity doesnt matter, Juggling candidates for Rush limbaugh doesnt matter, candidates breathing fire for the Tea party's benefit doesnt matter! The current republican messgae, the class warfare, the us versus them, is part and parcel of the same Old republican playbook!The game plan that failed them in 2008, and the same game plan that will fail them again in 2012! Life is not a three ring circus and neither is Politics! And for the republicans this continued political search only needs for the clowns to be sent in!!!!

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