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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

2 state solution is the solution!

AS we continue   haggling over Palestine, it must be understood that a 2 state solution is indeed THE solution! As Palestine petitions for statehood, I say, give it to them, but let it be made to be understood right there on the floor of the general assembly of the United Nations that, with statehood comes responsibility! Because just as palestine wants its statehood respected and acknowledged, so too must they respect and acknowledge Israel! As Palestine wants the  right to exist as a state, so too must they respect Israels right to exist! If Palestine want to enter the world community of nations, it must remember and be prepared to accept the responsibility of being a state! And it must be made clear to Palestine that  with statehood comes responsibility and accountability! And that is what statehood would bring to the table, and that is why statehood is a good thing! Accountability and responsibility! Putting the ball squarely in Palestines court!  The 2 state solution! THE SOLUTION!

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