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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

scorched earth politics and the swing vote

The political weekend aside, it is clear that scorched earth politics are at work in America. Because it is clear(at least to me anyway) that this unemployment situation, like many of the Problems we now face in America were manufactured! And that industry was the only thing manufactuing in America!   We pour billions into the economy and none of them are re-invested, we give Stimulus dollars and they arent even spent! The doors to employment are locked and closed to eveyday americans, and then the Government  hands are tied by those who would benefit the most from scorching the earth as they have done! Scorched earth politics plain and simple, and as he looks out over the now barren earth, the only question is: when will President Obama get more than a little angry about it? When will he call out those whom we invested billions of dollars into to no avail? When will he rebuke those who took stimulus dollars and did ngwith them? When will he(the president) address the scorched earth politics that have undermined his presidency?

That question aside, the president also needs to be very worried about the swing vote. Because it is that swing vote who he will need to keep him in office. The Black vote is solid for him, as is the democratic vote, but it is the swing vote that is the greatest question for Obama as he heads into 2012. For if hope & change has turned for swing voters into despair and disapointment, then Obama will indeed be, as Michelle bachman continually  touts "a one -term-president"!

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