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Friday, September 9, 2011

Post Jobs speech analysis!

The republicans were treated last evening to the Obama they didnt want to see!A fired up hitting on all oratory cylinders Obama! The president was in fine form last evening as he made the case for His Jobs bill. And as he spoke with the "firece urgency of now, the republicans may have realized last evening that, Polls and biased press aside, that President Obama May not be as easy of political pickings as they first thought! And if he(President Obama) Makes good on his promise to take his message on jobs across this nation, the republicans may indeed find themselves in trouble as 2012 approaches! Because indeed this Jobs situation demands   "fierce urgency" it demands a end to politics and it demands action. Because as the president said, "The american people cannot afford to wait until 2013, they need help now!" On a scale of 1-10 this performance by the POTUS was no doubt a 11! But now that the speechifying is dont, its time for the action! Because  in this unemeployment emergency, Action, from Washington DC Must speak louder than words!

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