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Friday, September 2, 2011

it is the hot air or is it just me?( the engative effect of excessive punditry in America.

Back when the media was the bastion of integrity in America, when newspaper journalism was the sword  of morality in America,back when punditry was virtually non-existant, America was a different place! Different and better politically, morally & socially! It was a america with a higher moral standard and compass. Where media supported and reinforced values and standards, and during that period, America fostered hope and dreams ,  America changed for the better! Civil rights and civil discourse were the law and the norm, but now, years later, the rise of Political punditry and the expansion of "social media"(and when i say social media, i dont mean facebook, I mean the nancy graces, fox news channels and rush limbaughs, THAT type of social media!)has led to a decline in integrity! The ceaseless chatter of pundits 24/7, not for the sake of news, information and journalism, which is what news and journalism was all about,but for its own self perpetration and validation! And that has cheapned us as a nation. Too many voices talking loud and saying nothing! AS the saying goes:too many cooks spoiling the soup! The media used to be the voice of the people, but now the peoples voice has been supplanted for the self service,  arrogance, and self-interest of todays media! This is not the media of Cronkite, who's celebrity was earned by integrity.   Can you imagine cronkite on Dancing with the stars? This is not the media of Woodward and Bernstein, and the differance in america is apparent because of it! In a time when the sustantive media of the past is sorely needed. todays media, with its excessive punditry, is sorely lacking in same(substance) the people have lost their voice, and it has been supplanted with opinion and the vapid speculation of pundits whos only interest is themselves! Where have you gone uncle walter? Because America sure needs you!

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