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Thursday, September 29, 2011

why Occupying wall street matters

There is a little protest for those of you who havent heard down on Wall Street in the NYC and while it hasnt yet become palatable to the "Establishment" media, you need to know and understand that Occupying Wall street does matter! And why does it matter you ask?  Well,with the unemployment rate being nearly double digits,   with millions of children and families living in poverty in America,  with thousands in America Homeless   thats why it matters! And, with all this going on in America, the greatest reason why it matters is that, while our elected lawmakers, the people who are supposed to fight against all that i have just cited, wont fight against people being poor and homeless and unemployed, they will fight to the death to make sure that the rich(wall streeters) arent taxed! They will sign off on untold billions to make sure Wall Street doesnt'fail"! That is Why Occupy Wall Street matters, to show America that the true spirit of America still exists! That in America there are people who still have heart and who still care! I hope with all my heart that those who fight the good fight down on Wall Street continue until the light that they deserve is shone upon them! Greed is not good for America, and the millions of unemployed, and the thousands of poor and homeless in the richest country in the world can attend to that fact!!!

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