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Monday, October 3, 2011

Political potpourri!

In todays potpourri: If Chris Christie allows himself to be pushed and shoved to this presidential race, by those republicans and republican media who are only interested in hype instead of a substantive message, then he runs the risk of being politically ruined as Rick Perry has been! Stick to your word Gov. Christie, Stay out of it! Speaking of Rick Perry, what white person  out there doesnt have a racist skeleton in their closet? In a blink of a eye Perry's campaign has went from Sugar to crap! And it wont be long now before Gov Perry is on his way back to texas! How insulting is the Anyone but Mitt campaign being waged by republicans and republican media to Mitt Romney? He's been the only candidate of steady timber in the race for the republicans, but in the rush to appease the red meat fanatics they(the republicans) are ready to cast him aside at the drop of a hat! Frst perrys hat, and now Christie's! Mitts being treated like the Ugly girl at the dance, only to be chosen  when there's no other option and that in itself is sabatoging republican hopes! The president has said he wants the Jobs bill "bad" well then he needs to highlight the differance on his stance and the republican stance! And, by any and all means avoid the word or the premise COMPROMISE!!! This is a fight and he must simply fight it and win it!!! With the Niggerhead and Gay booing controversy, things arent looking too good for the republicans.  And with occupy wall street growing it will get a lot worse, especially if President Obama gets on and rides that wave! Well thats enough of this stew for today folks! BY the way, moving up the primaries,bad idea! And it again  showcases what is wrong with Republican politics!!!

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