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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Iraq unoccupied & America Occupied

As we prepare(finally) to unoccupy Iraq, finally correcting the wrong turn we made in our "war on terror' We need to have greater focus from Both the current occupant of the white house, and those who would like to take up residence in it, on A movement that is sweeping not only America, but the world!!! From Wall street to Tokyo Cites are being occupied by people, everyday citizens of the world who are crying our for justice! People, everyday citizens who are crying out for action! And with the voice of the people being raised WORLDWIDE, you are going to sit there and act like you cant hear it? And even worse act like you dont understand, you cant comprehend?
You try to politicize the issue and say that we need to lay it at Obama's door? Well, when people are protesting the same issue in far away places like Tokyo, Or Rome, that arguement doesnt really hold water does it? The issue of justice, inequality, and greed is not confined to America, but the symbol of all that is wrong in this world has become clearly defined, and it is WALL ST!!! The economic terror and policies of Wall street have done far more damage to America and the world than Al Queda ever has, and those polices are a proven threat to world order and security!
So, with these facts and truths being so evident, and with the people AROUND the world being so fcosued on them, I think that it is time to stand down from a War footing, its time to stand down from the war on terror, and focus on the REAL threat to world security! The policies and politics of greed and inequity!The people are demanding it, and as representitives of the people you need to simply address the issue, not try to spin it, or co-opt it for political use! Smply put, the people are demanding ,worldwide, for you to take action, and rather than look for leaders in the occupy movement, you need to do what you were elected and entrusted to do and LEAD!!!! The people have spoken and  are speaking! They want a end to inequality, inequity and blatant greed! The people want jobs, and fairness, but most of all the people want to see ACTION, and a end to politics (AND MEDIA)that seek to preserve the status quo!!! A status quo of greed inequity and injustice that around the world far too many have grown comfortable with!TO paraphrase Danny Glover in Lethal Weapon 2" Lets see some action U dumb son of a BITCH!!!!"

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