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Friday, October 14, 2011

Slow to go(Obama & the Jobs bill)

AS usual President Obama is too slow to go when it comes to really fast tracking his legislation! The People are in the streets! It's practically insurrection over congress's inaction and instead of riding this wave, the president plays it in the middle! As Rick Perry has said of late Mr. president This is now about RISK! You need to risk a little of the political Capital that you have left and get out in front of this issue!! Your Jobs bill clearly failed because of politics and as you say, you are a man of the people, well WHERE are you???? The people are speaking, the Occupy Wall street Movement is something you need to embrace PUBLICALLY!!! Its a no-brainer!!! But as usual in being overly cautious, you have missed a prime political opportunity! Your efforts and the efforts of Occupy wall street are clearly synonomous, SO you need to Link up with them!!! They say speed kills, But in your case sir, Lack of speed is killing all your efforts!!!! Stop being so slow to go sir, and GO!!!!!!!!!

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