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Sunday, October 9, 2011

the fall of the western wall(occupy wall street)

Perhaps the most famous american quote of modern times was uttered by Ronald Reagan in germany during his time as president when he famously said"Mr. gorbachev TEAR down this wall!! Well now another wall of division is being addressed, this time in America. And while no leader of Reagans stature and position has come forward( clearly due to a lack of character and the courage to do so among our so called leaders of today) today, the american people who are down on wall street and throught america are speaking with one voice, and that one voice is saying TEAR DOWN THIS WALL STREET! Because the wall they have errected there is a wall that divides america economically,a wall that divides us socially, a wall which divides racially! The wall that is personifed by wall street is a great a obstacle to american progress, freedom and equality as the berlin wall ever was! And that wall has stood for far too long! And finally to the credit of the American people they are standing up and speaking out against it! When 1 percent of the population have 99 percent of the wealth,money and power, it is not a fair or equal system. When 1 percent of the population control 99 percent of the money,power & wealth it leads to and perpetrates inequalities in justice, freedom and sociology! It is classism at its worst! SO I join with the 99, as should every American in saying with one voice: TEAR DOWN THIS WALL STREET!

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