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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The REAL Matrix(Occupy wall street)

People protesting injustice and inequality in the streets, its American history, as american as apple pie, as important to our lives and the quality of same as breathing. something that is consitutionally written and supported, So knowing this why do we continue to hear Americans pooh,poohing and propagandizing the Occupy movement? It's clear that we in America  need remedial courses in American history for many ASAP!!! It's clear that we in America have not learned from the mistakes of the past, and we are indeed now repeating them in what was supposed to be the future!!! Its sad that in America we have people who are aware that they are in A corporate matrix, that they are nothing more than food for the corporate beast, and they like the Joe Pantolino character in the movie would rather be a slave to the machine than fight for a better life! Well excuse the you- know -what out of me! Excuse me for not accepting injustice and inequality, excuse me for not accepting greed, excuse me for being in the spirit of DR King, of Ghandi, of the founding fathers of America.! Excuse me for not wanting to be a slave of the machine! In America and all over the world people are standing up and speaking out! As they have throught history! Because real freedom is not free, and protests like the Occupy movement are the price you must pay! Simply put, for those of you truly content in ther matrix, I feel sorry for you. But I brim with pride for those who struggle against it, like Washington at Valley Forge, Like Ghandi in india, Like Dr King in Selma! This struggle is a battle that must be fought, and for you and your children, and your childrens children, it is a battle that must be won! Or do you really want to be nothing more than Cogs in the Corporate matrix?

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