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Thursday, October 13, 2011

The company U keep( the differance between the tea party & the Occupy Wall street movement)

What a huge insult it is to compare the Tea party movement to the Occupy Wall St Movement! While the tea party stands up for millionares and the status quo, the Occupy wall street movement is pushing for real reform and equity, While the tea party lives and breathes class warfare(remember Joe the plumber) The Occupy wall street movement has went to war against the real enemy! The 1 percent who have feasted on the ignorance and social apathy of those who comprise the tea party! The tea party came into being for one reason and one reason only, to destroy the Black democratic presidency and the democratic control of congress! The occupy wall st movement came into being to address the greed and ramampnt disenfranchisment of everyday americans! Simply put there is no comparison! To take a page from Hank Williams Jr's playbook, It's like comparing Hitler to Moses!The Tea party is politically motivated, and controlled, the occupy wall street movement is people oriented and refuses to be politically connected or controlled There's a BIG differance! and It will be seen tomorrow all over the nation as they try to evict Occupiers!!!
The tea party is nothing more than the republican establishment,wolves in sheeps clothing! The Occupy Wall street is the latest in a long line of truly alturistic people movements in the spirit of Gandhi, in the spirit of DR King! And the Tea party has never kept such company!!

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