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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Pubs Vegas debate

Simply put, the Republican debate last evening in vegas was great entertainment , if nothing else! The chaos and high drama of last evening was more like a episode of jersey shore than it was a debate between prospective leaders of our future here in America!! From Anderson Cooper smiling Like the cat who ate the canary in the midst of the madness, to the said madness of the debate itself, This was a showcase of what is truly wrong with the political process and why People in America have taken to the streets! As far as who won the debate, clearly it was CNN, because they garnered enough sound bites to fuel their political hyperbole for days to come! But as to who lost, I'd say america lost.Because with this show of pandering and political posturing, not for the interest of America, but in the interests of Power and Politics served nothing! We have had several debates now on the republican side of the Aisle, and i ask you, has any opinion really been formed, is anyone benefitting from this besides the media? This is not about ratings and sound  bites this is about the future of the nation, a nation in chaos and turmoil, and instead of hearing and seeing leaders addressing issues we have candidates acting like Ron, Snooki and all the rest of the Jersey shore cast! Simply put we  can and must do better than this, there is too much at stake here! Lincoln and Douglas must be turning over in their graves right now! Debates are supposed to shwocase leaders , and last night showcased none!!! And if this is the best that the republican party has to offer, then Barrack Obama will be a two term president guaranteed!!!

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