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Monday, October 31, 2011

Not past racism yet!!!

With the rise(if you wanna call it that) of Hermain Cain in the republican ranks, once again people are presenting the silly notion that America is getting past racism, as usual blinding themselves to the fact!  And the fact is that too many folks are co-opting their race in order to simply get by ,to get in and be accepted, particularly on the conservative side. And that is doing very little to get us past racism in America! We need leaders who are going to stand up and speak out as it pertains to the continued problem of race in America, not leaders who are going to turn a blind eye to it! We need leaders who are not going to shy away from the challenge! As the saying goes what good is the man who gains the world at the cost of his own soul? And quite frankly that is what we face here, not the needed addressing of Race and racism in America, but the gain of the individual, not people as a whole! Asa leader rises so should his people, and if the people aint rising then quite frankly you arent leading!!! SO lets not get it twisted, we are in no way near, in America, in any way towards passing racism or putting it behind us! And until we get leaders of color, who are in the position to foster the debate, to ACTUALLY DO SO, we wont get past it!!!

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