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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Where the blame is!!!

As the occupy movement grows and as the politial season flows, I have observed that most politicans are blaming the victims as it were, to the state of affairs in America today.Be it republicans like Herman Cain telling the Wall Street protestors to'blame yourself" Or Michelle Bachman saying to"blame the white house". Or be it Democrats like Barney Frank on MSNBC blaming the protestors for not voting democrat in the 2010 mid terms, it seems that the people are being blamed for the mess that politics and politicians have wrought! Simply put, the republicans were virtually handed tax cuts BY president Bush way back in 2002! A major surplus was squandered, everything was done, under a then republican controlled captiol hill to facilitate the climate that, to this day republicans swear  would create jobs! Well news flash republicans, it hasnt!!!! The unemployement rate has risen ,along with the income of the rich, steadily since the republicans took control back in 2000! So for that we, the people, should "blame ourselves"?

And the democrats? In 2008 we, the people, spoke in one voice for change!We handed Barrack  Obama the keys to the car, we gave him a democratic majority, control of the house and senate, with a unpredecented public mandate, and what did we get? Compromise to surrender and political capitulation!!! And promise and opportunity lost due to same!!! And its somehow our fault for your failure democrats, to take the ball that we gave you and run with it?

I think we all know where the blame lies, and that is why people from Wall St to Hong Kong are now out in the streets, because the people know who has failed who!!! The failure is clear and both Political parties Repubican and Democrat are culpable!!! And due to that failure the people have risen up , as they should in times like these! And for that they should not be castigized, they should not be cast as radicals, or hippies. What they are, is Americans one and all! Looking for the leadership and action that you, to a man, continue to fail to provide! Like Nero fiddling as Rome burns! And until you somehow find a way to become leaders, become what the people have for far too long waited for, then it is you and only you who bears the blame here!!! Thats where the Blame lies, right on capitol Hill in Washington DC!!! Not with the people who Occupy Wall St and other city streets worldwide!!! They are the leaders that you should be, they are focused on what you shuld be focused on, and they are taking more action than you ever will!!!

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