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Monday, October 10, 2011

Tone deaf politicians & media?(Occupy wall Street)

With the Music playing loud and clearly down on Wall Street and  around this nation, it is simply astounding how tone deaf our political leadership and media have become towards it! Between the politicians, in the face of people screaming to the contrary, fighting against taxing the rich, and the media trying, with all its might, to co-opt  and undermine the message being sent, its clear that Occupy wall street, like No Other Movement in recent history has put FEAR in the establishment! Fear in the national media, and fear in Political leadership! Because the reality here is that they are not calling the tune, they arent conducting the orchestra! The people have created a symphony of protest, a oveture of outrage! And for a system that has for so long been too unfair, too inequal, and too unjust for many, a system where 1 percent of the people have profitted corpulently,
the people are playing its swan song! And with political leaders and media leaders being so tone deaf to the song that is now swelling across america, I think the Old adage says it best, either lead, follow, or get out of the way!!! because REAL change may have finally come to America! Perhaps troy davis didnt die in vain !!!

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