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Thursday, October 20, 2011

On the Obama watch

The hits keep coming on the Obama watch!!  With the liberation of Libya now complete, President Obama has a whole lot of Foreign Policy success to present to the people in 2012, and while they may try to spin it, and they will, simply put, A win is a win!!! America's out of Iraq, Bin laden is dead, the Arab spring is changing the Middle east for the better, and now Libya is free!Not bad for a president and Administration with no foreign policy experience!!! ALL this on the Obama watch! And with Syria and Yemen tettering on the brink there is more good news to come!
So while they debate over who will be the one to challenge the president for his seat in 2012 from the republican side, they clearly better come with their A game! Because while the economy may be tanking, our foreign policy is definately better off than it was four years ago!!!

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