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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

post primary analysis!

If you are a regular reader or browser of Politics 125 then you are aware that the primary results were called here first, far before any of the primary new organizations could even entertain or dare to speculate on the results! In retrospect ,it was clear that the innate madness of Rick Santorum , once it came on full display for the voters in Arizona & Michigan was too much too take, even with the horrible aspersion of Mitt Romney being on the wrong side of the Auto rescue(sounds so much better and appropiate than a bailout!) and with the victories in AZ. & MI. Mitt Romney is (once again) poised to grasp the republican reins on "Super Tuesday". But ,while he is poised to grasp the reins ,the question is will he? It has been a very wild ride for Romney and that is because he has failed to do just that in addressing and pursuing the Republican nomination, he has failed to grasp the reins, he has failed to lead the horse, he has failed to show the republican party who is boss! and if he truly intends to make a serious run for the white house is what he must do! he must take the reins and establish that he is indeed THE ONE, to the republican electorate! That is the only way that he will end this wild ride!  Either become the lead horse or fall to the also rans!!!! That is what Mitt must do, because if he doesnt, he will go down in history along with Bing Crosbys horse, which still hasnt come in yet!!!!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pre Primary Analysis!

AS the Michigan & Arizona Primaries are undertaken this evening, it will be interesting to see just what spin emerges from them, and how well the spin will be taken as fact, particularly by the candidates themselves! Because the fact, not the Media spin is:If Mitt Romney loses in Michigan and wins in Arizona he still is very much in Contention for the republican nomination! A victory by Santorum(in Michigan) merely keeps him in the race. The fact is, this race for the republican Nomination will be up in the air pretty much until Super Tuesday, where a decisive victory can be had, and true front runner status claimed! Tonight will be all about spin! Media spin, Santorum spin, and if i were Mitt Romney, Id invest some of that money into someone who actually knows how to spin! (Why that sound bite of Santorum endorsing Romney hasnt flooded the airwaves yet is beyond me, and if it doesnt hit the airwaves between now and super tuseday, then Romney deserves to lose!) Because clearly he who has the best spin will win the nomination, it is the lack of spin, positive spin about Romney and from Romney that has prolonged this race! SO get ready for a long night of it! I think Romney will win Michigan in a squeaker, but that is not the battlefield where he must be the most concerned, it is the spin! Because he who wins the spin wins the primary! Something to think about tonight as the results come in( that and Erin Burnett ! Wink,Wink!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Old habits die hard!

AS the issue of gas prices becomes, for the President, just that, a issue, he must, as this election year progresses, not slip back into his old habits of letting such issues grow into major ones! He must try not to give any ground for his election opponents to stand on. And though it will be nearly impossible for a individual like himself to do, he must abandon the hope of rationale and its appeal! In THIS election , for THIS president, ACTION will speak far louder than any words, as will inaction! If gas prices, due to inaction by the president rise to intolerable levels, no rationale he can offer will absolve him of the blame! And the solid ground that it provides will be used by the republicans as a springboard into the White House in 2012! SO, in the interest of not only the American people, but in the interest of President Obama's re-election effort, I would advise him to do what needs to be done to offset a intolerable, and untimely rise in gas prices, even it it means tapping into energy reserves! And to the republicans who would pooh-pooh such a effort, I would say that the state of the American economy, and the maintenance of same, would qualify the management of Gas prices as a emergency!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Post repub debate analysis!

And down goes Santorum! Down goes Santorum! Rick Santorum took a beating not unlike the late great Smoking Joe Frazier took from George Foreman at last evenings arizona debate! And now ,you will watch his poll numbers sink like a stone!Once again, with his back to the wall ,Mitt Romney salvaged his presidential hopes by being solid when he needed to be. Ron Paul, for all his foibles, has proven to be a straight shooter when it comes to his colleagues and their "true" record on capitol hill. It is so amusing to see Newt and Santorum misrepresent themselves, forgetting that Paul was a witness to all they have done! The most telling blows struck last evening were of  course Mr. Pauls assertion of Rick Santorum's being "fake", and, while it was a negligable one, the point Mitt Romney made about Santorums prior endorsement of him in 2008! If Mitt would have simply came out with this months ago, at the beginning of Santorums rise, there would have never been a Santorum rise! This debate, and its result, now sets the stage once again for Romney to close the door on this race with  Victories in arizona and Michigan next week, and then super tuesday in march! But while the stage is set, the plays the thing!So until the curtain offically closes  on this race, we will continue to monitor the situation and see how this plays out!!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pre Pub debate analysis

Tomorrow in Arizona there will be a public whipping, and the whipping boy will be Rick Santorum!Rick Like Newt, and Herman cain before him, has enjoyed being the anti Mitt Romney for sometime now, but tomorrrow when he is squarely in the crosshairs, and given his record and recent public statements, he is in for a shellacking!!!! This debate, more than any other so far, will shape who indeed will be the republican nominee, since this will be the last nationwide appearance before the super tuesday votes, so the gloves will and must come off! Mitt Romney has been pushed hard throught this process and every time he has been on the brink, he has come back strong, and i expect nothing different tomorrow night, but I do see the other candidates as well as Mitt himself chomping at the bit to address the record of Santorum! So get ready because tomorrow it's on in Arizona!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Feb 22 the brawl for it all(republican style!)

Next week in Arizona there will be a republican brawl in arizona as the republican candidates prepare once more to debate, and once more Both Mitt Romney & Newt Gingrich are at the brink of disaster! The rise of Rick Santorum among conservatives has put Mitt once again on the defensive, and has put Newt ,once again, on the outs! Simply put, this debate may be a winner take all proposititon, and make no mistake, Santorum is going to take his licks. But as far as  Mitt romney is concerned, it better be a major licking!Because with the media continually greasing his pole and with the lemming mentality of conservatives, unless Rick Santorum is taken down and hard on Feb 22, Mitt may see his dream of the presidency, and the race of his life lost! As for Newt Gingrich this deabte will be his last stand. If he continues to place third and fourth his claim to relevance will fade fast, and his relevance cannot be maintianed battling Mitt Romney, because it is Santorum who is Pushing Newt out of the race! Feb 22, the brawl for it all in Arizona! And, for Mitt  and Newt ,the gloves better come off!!! Because Santorum is posied to run away with it!!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Oh what a tangled web !!!

As the saying goes, "oh what a tangled web we weave"! And it seems that after four years of weaving and contriving, after four years of blocking and obstructing, the republicans have gotten cuaght in their own web! With natuional polls charting the trend of President Obama surging to the lead over the republican hopefuls, and with the republican congress being held in the lowest regard, it would seem that the political deception so hard woven by the rpeublican party over the last four years has unwound around them, and they have become entangled within it! The worm has turned on the economy and due to that the republicans are now in disaray!Entangled in a web of their own making. Who is now the spider and who is the fly? And on a side bar, did Sarah Palin   ever look more attractive as a candidate than she did on Sat afternoon? And ,in her most private of moments, is she saying, Damn I should have ran?!! The republicans have a problem, and it may get a lot more serious if the president continues to surge in the polls(and if he doesnt step in any more minefields like the contraceptive issue) because if the president can stand on his own solid ground, then the democraitc party can open up on the republicans themselves! And to think that six  months ago there was much talk about the republicans reclaming the senate. Now the republicans, if this trend continues, may be lucky to hold the house! Oh what a tangled web we weave, and the entire republican party is now caught up in it!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Keep your foot on the gas!(its a race!!!!!)

If the recent furor over the contraceptive provision has taught the Obama administration anything, I would hope that it is to Keep your foot on the gas when youre in the middle of a race!!!! The republicans were reeling ,due to the continued success of the Obama administration on the Jobs front, but just when it looked like President Obama was about to blow the doors off, he takes his foot off the gas and with one capitulatory press conferance refuels the fading republican engine!!! This is a race!!! And it's not over until you reach the finish line! And in this race, there are no rewards for sportsmanship, penmanship, or rationale! To the victor goes all the spoils plain and simple! This is no time to slow down in the race for the white house, this is not the time to take your foot off the gas, this is the time to floor it!!!!!!!! So hopefully the lesson has been learned! Drive like you're in a race, not a leisure tour!!!!Checkered flag or crash!!!!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The PUB aftermath. and the politics of choice!

In the aftermath of last nights republican caucuses and Primaries , it is clear that Mitt Romney is no longer the front runner!Rick Santorum has, by putting the winds of the fanatical wing of the republican  party at his back, surged into the lead! Simply put, If Mitt is to win, he can no longer allow himself to twist in the winds of the radical and unwilling to change fringe of conservative republicans!He must, as GW Bush did before him, Define conservatism and himself! He must open their eyes, as GW Bush did, and show them(conservative republicans & evangelical republicans) that there is nothing wrong with being a moderate, "compassionate" conservative! He must define it and the debate, that is how he will win over the Staunch conservative wing and thereby win the nomination! AS to the politics of choice, while we may not support or agree with the postures of gay marriage or Birth control, if they become law, we cannot and should not , as americans, stand in the way of same! But while we must and should obey the law, that does not mean we lose our morality, we can stand for the rule of law and take a moral stand as well! That is the beauty of America! I may not agree with what you say, but i will defend to the death your right to say it! Or in these cases, do it! The law may validate their rights, but I dont have to give them the moral validation they seek! And a quick note about Obama choosing to use superpacs: He is right!!! There is far too much at stake! And for him to come to a gunfight with a knife would be, simply put, STUPID!!!! Fight fire with fire!!! But after these elections are over, something must be done about the selling of America!!!!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Political Potpourri!!!!

Lets see what's in the political stewpot shall we? Firstly, how sad is it that MItt Romney must twist in the wind due to the radicalization of the republican agenda? A man with issues, or who is issue oriented, is lost amid the rhetoric and fanaticism! One thing though, Mitt needs to run with Blinkers on! Focus only on the finish line, not whos behind you!Newt is making a game effort, But the legacy of his Newtness is weighing him down,! You can remake yourself, but you cant change the past!Hilarious how the republcians are all in a uproar because Clint Eastwood of all people stood up and spoke out for America! No positive messages allowed!Toe the party line of Doom and Gloom and remember it's All Obamas fault!!! Mr. Eastwood, you did  more to inspire America in that one 60 second spot than all of your movies combined! America salutes you sir(except for ,it seems, the republican party!) I wonder how much longer will the house of cards that is the republican agenda of protecting the rich continue to stand.? Because Im sure the democrats and President Obama are licking their chops at the thought of a showdown over the payroll tax cut extenstion! Is anyone as tired as I am of the embracement of tokenism by black conservatives?  Is there anything as inane as a black conservative? If it wasnt so sad it be hilarious how these talking heads apepar on TV talking about taxes, economics, and the like AS IF THE REPUBLICANS GIVE A DAMN!!! You're a token, thats your only value!!! WAKE THE F UP!!!! Look for Mitt to take a commanding role this evening, since he is poised to sweep all of the caucuses and primaries tonight. And, as FEB quickly comes and goes, the ground will continue to solidify around Mitt as THE Repub Nominee!Saw the AD by the congressman with the Hot asian girl, Yep its racist, but as the congressman said 'I approve this message"! Again, house of cards!  And with that I think this stewpot is filled. Enjoy the reulsts tonight!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Fire in the belly!!!

With his bold declaration that "I deserve another term" President Obam is showing FINALLY, that he has the gumption, indeed, the fire in the belly that it requires to secure another term! The President has worked very hard and, for much of his term, that work has gone unheralded, due to the all out politically motivated effort to unseat him. But ,with that one statement, the President has staked out a position and A question that all America must answer? Does he (the president) Indeed deserve another term? And if no, why not?! Becasue the answer to that question is one that will dictate the future in this nation and the world! The answer that the american public gives in its vote on Nov 6 2012 will dicate the coruse of sociology, economics, foregin relations and more! So I hope that, when answering that question, the american people are prepared to choose wisely and live with the consequences of their choice! Because make no mistake THERE WILL BE CONSEQUENCES!!!!!!!!

Friday, February 3, 2012

It aint over until the Republican concedes!!!(and a word about Susan G Komen)

With the news that, for the 5 straight month, the Jobless rate has declined in America, it can(and should be said) that Obama is succeeding as a president, as are his policies. But, since Obama is president, that will not be the case!!! And no matter the successes, no matter the facts, the truth is that the question, doubt ,and concern of many a American will not be settled until early Nov 2012. Simply put, it wont be over until the republican concedes!!!!! For while the Tea party has flashed in the pan, and while the policies of obstruction have backfired for the most part on the Republicans, they will not quit! They will not go away! They have come to far, and done too much to give up now! Everything, every policy , every action has led to this moment, and to be frank, the lessons of the past are there for us to learn from in regards to this! Al Gore was virtually a sure thing in 2000 , but look how that turned out! So, good news aside, facts aside, logic and reason aside, it must be understood by President Obama and all those who support and have a interest in his success, and that means everyone who isnt rich, or of color in America, that it aint over until the republican concedes on Nov 6 2012!!!! SO I hope that everyone who is concerned in this matter gets down in the trenches and works toward that goal!!! Because make no mistake the republicans will work overtime to "muck it up"!

And as far as the Komen foundation reversing its decision regarding planned parenthood goes, this is one more example of the harm that the class warfare waged by the republican party has done to America and Americans! Divide & conquer, simple stategics employed to perfection with the tool of social intimidation! I am so proud that Americans stepped up in the face of this travesty( and to be frank, you know you couldnt be more wrong when Bloomberg sides against you!!) and saved planned parenthood from being "dixie chicked"!!! Any blow against the mccarthyism of capitol hill republicans is a good blow and I hope it shows that you can  still in America stand up for your beliefs and for what's right !Bravo America!!!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Politics of class & race( the republican platform)

It is so sad that the main purveyors of class warfare and racism, the republican party, continue to , as they used to say in the old westerns, "speak with forked tongue"!! They steadfastly cite how they are not racist, how they are not inciting class warfare, but they have, for weeks and months now, used the same old coded language,! They have catered to the same old stereotypes and untruths that republicans have for so long been well known and infamous for!"Those people looking for handouts" "Those people on Food stamps" Those BLACK people who have no work ethic" "Black people have no role models" More of the same old same old as it pertains to the republicans, but yet they rail on how they cant make inroads with the African American community. I have a Idea, instead of looking down on black people republicans, how about looking them in the eye?! Instead of looking down on them, how about speaking the truth, instead of pandering and catering to the stereotypical and ignorant views of far too many in your base! Instead of creating and maintaining the "us versus them mentality", How about trying to create a American unity!!!??? Beacuse I think that is a far better path than the continous rabble rousing mantras that have been spouted on the campaign trail by individuals who would profess to lead all americans! News flash fellas, we are all americans!!! Its not America for the white people  and a different one for everyone else! Its not America for the rich, and a different one for everyone else!!! Everyone is talking about America standing tall once again. Well, as long as we continue to try to stand on a political platform that is founded in stereotypes, in racism, that looks down on sets of people we will never stand tall!!! It is the us versus them posture that has created much of the problems in this nation! It has created Urban decay, suburban sprawl, pollution, and the empowerment of the arab states! It has undermined the educational system and created the time bomb that is the correctional system! This  is all a result of the politics of class and race! And it has been and continues to be the republican party that plays that body politic! And its time to say Enough!!! Stop dividing America republicans!!! Because you are only leading to its destruction!!!