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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The PUB aftermath. and the politics of choice!

In the aftermath of last nights republican caucuses and Primaries , it is clear that Mitt Romney is no longer the front runner!Rick Santorum has, by putting the winds of the fanatical wing of the republican  party at his back, surged into the lead! Simply put, If Mitt is to win, he can no longer allow himself to twist in the winds of the radical and unwilling to change fringe of conservative republicans!He must, as GW Bush did before him, Define conservatism and himself! He must open their eyes, as GW Bush did, and show them(conservative republicans & evangelical republicans) that there is nothing wrong with being a moderate, "compassionate" conservative! He must define it and the debate, that is how he will win over the Staunch conservative wing and thereby win the nomination! AS to the politics of choice, while we may not support or agree with the postures of gay marriage or Birth control, if they become law, we cannot and should not , as americans, stand in the way of same! But while we must and should obey the law, that does not mean we lose our morality, we can stand for the rule of law and take a moral stand as well! That is the beauty of America! I may not agree with what you say, but i will defend to the death your right to say it! Or in these cases, do it! The law may validate their rights, but I dont have to give them the moral validation they seek! And a quick note about Obama choosing to use superpacs: He is right!!! There is far too much at stake! And for him to come to a gunfight with a knife would be, simply put, STUPID!!!! Fight fire with fire!!! But after these elections are over, something must be done about the selling of America!!!!

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