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Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Politics of class & race( the republican platform)

It is so sad that the main purveyors of class warfare and racism, the republican party, continue to , as they used to say in the old westerns, "speak with forked tongue"!! They steadfastly cite how they are not racist, how they are not inciting class warfare, but they have, for weeks and months now, used the same old coded language,! They have catered to the same old stereotypes and untruths that republicans have for so long been well known and infamous for!"Those people looking for handouts" "Those people on Food stamps" Those BLACK people who have no work ethic" "Black people have no role models" More of the same old same old as it pertains to the republicans, but yet they rail on how they cant make inroads with the African American community. I have a Idea, instead of looking down on black people republicans, how about looking them in the eye?! Instead of looking down on them, how about speaking the truth, instead of pandering and catering to the stereotypical and ignorant views of far too many in your base! Instead of creating and maintaining the "us versus them mentality", How about trying to create a American unity!!!??? Beacuse I think that is a far better path than the continous rabble rousing mantras that have been spouted on the campaign trail by individuals who would profess to lead all americans! News flash fellas, we are all americans!!! Its not America for the white people  and a different one for everyone else! Its not America for the rich, and a different one for everyone else!!! Everyone is talking about America standing tall once again. Well, as long as we continue to try to stand on a political platform that is founded in stereotypes, in racism, that looks down on sets of people we will never stand tall!!! It is the us versus them posture that has created much of the problems in this nation! It has created Urban decay, suburban sprawl, pollution, and the empowerment of the arab states! It has undermined the educational system and created the time bomb that is the correctional system! This  is all a result of the politics of class and race! And it has been and continues to be the republican party that plays that body politic! And its time to say Enough!!! Stop dividing America republicans!!! Because you are only leading to its destruction!!!

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