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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pre Primary Analysis!

AS the Michigan & Arizona Primaries are undertaken this evening, it will be interesting to see just what spin emerges from them, and how well the spin will be taken as fact, particularly by the candidates themselves! Because the fact, not the Media spin is:If Mitt Romney loses in Michigan and wins in Arizona he still is very much in Contention for the republican nomination! A victory by Santorum(in Michigan) merely keeps him in the race. The fact is, this race for the republican Nomination will be up in the air pretty much until Super Tuesday, where a decisive victory can be had, and true front runner status claimed! Tonight will be all about spin! Media spin, Santorum spin, and if i were Mitt Romney, Id invest some of that money into someone who actually knows how to spin! (Why that sound bite of Santorum endorsing Romney hasnt flooded the airwaves yet is beyond me, and if it doesnt hit the airwaves between now and super tuseday, then Romney deserves to lose!) Because clearly he who has the best spin will win the nomination, it is the lack of spin, positive spin about Romney and from Romney that has prolonged this race! SO get ready for a long night of it! I think Romney will win Michigan in a squeaker, but that is not the battlefield where he must be the most concerned, it is the spin! Because he who wins the spin wins the primary! Something to think about tonight as the results come in( that and Erin Burnett ! Wink,Wink!

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