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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

post primary analysis!

If you are a regular reader or browser of Politics 125 then you are aware that the primary results were called here first, far before any of the primary new organizations could even entertain or dare to speculate on the results! In retrospect ,it was clear that the innate madness of Rick Santorum , once it came on full display for the voters in Arizona & Michigan was too much too take, even with the horrible aspersion of Mitt Romney being on the wrong side of the Auto rescue(sounds so much better and appropiate than a bailout!) and with the victories in AZ. & MI. Mitt Romney is (once again) poised to grasp the republican reins on "Super Tuesday". But ,while he is poised to grasp the reins ,the question is will he? It has been a very wild ride for Romney and that is because he has failed to do just that in addressing and pursuing the Republican nomination, he has failed to grasp the reins, he has failed to lead the horse, he has failed to show the republican party who is boss! and if he truly intends to make a serious run for the white house is what he must do! he must take the reins and establish that he is indeed THE ONE, to the republican electorate! That is the only way that he will end this wild ride!  Either become the lead horse or fall to the also rans!!!! That is what Mitt must do, because if he doesnt, he will go down in history along with Bing Crosbys horse, which still hasnt come in yet!!!!

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