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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Political Potpourri!!!!

Lets see what's in the political stewpot shall we? Firstly, how sad is it that MItt Romney must twist in the wind due to the radicalization of the republican agenda? A man with issues, or who is issue oriented, is lost amid the rhetoric and fanaticism! One thing though, Mitt needs to run with Blinkers on! Focus only on the finish line, not whos behind you!Newt is making a game effort, But the legacy of his Newtness is weighing him down,! You can remake yourself, but you cant change the past!Hilarious how the republcians are all in a uproar because Clint Eastwood of all people stood up and spoke out for America! No positive messages allowed!Toe the party line of Doom and Gloom and remember it's All Obamas fault!!! Mr. Eastwood, you did  more to inspire America in that one 60 second spot than all of your movies combined! America salutes you sir(except for ,it seems, the republican party!) I wonder how much longer will the house of cards that is the republican agenda of protecting the rich continue to stand.? Because Im sure the democrats and President Obama are licking their chops at the thought of a showdown over the payroll tax cut extenstion! Is anyone as tired as I am of the embracement of tokenism by black conservatives?  Is there anything as inane as a black conservative? If it wasnt so sad it be hilarious how these talking heads apepar on TV talking about taxes, economics, and the like AS IF THE REPUBLICANS GIVE A DAMN!!! You're a token, thats your only value!!! WAKE THE F UP!!!! Look for Mitt to take a commanding role this evening, since he is poised to sweep all of the caucuses and primaries tonight. And, as FEB quickly comes and goes, the ground will continue to solidify around Mitt as THE Repub Nominee!Saw the AD by the congressman with the Hot asian girl, Yep its racist, but as the congressman said 'I approve this message"! Again, house of cards!  And with that I think this stewpot is filled. Enjoy the reulsts tonight!

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