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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Post repub debate analysis!

And down goes Santorum! Down goes Santorum! Rick Santorum took a beating not unlike the late great Smoking Joe Frazier took from George Foreman at last evenings arizona debate! And now ,you will watch his poll numbers sink like a stone!Once again, with his back to the wall ,Mitt Romney salvaged his presidential hopes by being solid when he needed to be. Ron Paul, for all his foibles, has proven to be a straight shooter when it comes to his colleagues and their "true" record on capitol hill. It is so amusing to see Newt and Santorum misrepresent themselves, forgetting that Paul was a witness to all they have done! The most telling blows struck last evening were of  course Mr. Pauls assertion of Rick Santorum's being "fake", and, while it was a negligable one, the point Mitt Romney made about Santorums prior endorsement of him in 2008! If Mitt would have simply came out with this months ago, at the beginning of Santorums rise, there would have never been a Santorum rise! This debate, and its result, now sets the stage once again for Romney to close the door on this race with  Victories in arizona and Michigan next week, and then super tuesday in march! But while the stage is set, the plays the thing!So until the curtain offically closes  on this race, we will continue to monitor the situation and see how this plays out!!!

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