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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Keep your foot on the gas!(its a race!!!!!)

If the recent furor over the contraceptive provision has taught the Obama administration anything, I would hope that it is to Keep your foot on the gas when youre in the middle of a race!!!! The republicans were reeling ,due to the continued success of the Obama administration on the Jobs front, but just when it looked like President Obama was about to blow the doors off, he takes his foot off the gas and with one capitulatory press conferance refuels the fading republican engine!!! This is a race!!! And it's not over until you reach the finish line! And in this race, there are no rewards for sportsmanship, penmanship, or rationale! To the victor goes all the spoils plain and simple! This is no time to slow down in the race for the white house, this is not the time to take your foot off the gas, this is the time to floor it!!!!!!!! So hopefully the lesson has been learned! Drive like you're in a race, not a leisure tour!!!!Checkered flag or crash!!!!

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