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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pre Pub debate analysis

Tomorrow in Arizona there will be a public whipping, and the whipping boy will be Rick Santorum!Rick Like Newt, and Herman cain before him, has enjoyed being the anti Mitt Romney for sometime now, but tomorrrow when he is squarely in the crosshairs, and given his record and recent public statements, he is in for a shellacking!!!! This debate, more than any other so far, will shape who indeed will be the republican nominee, since this will be the last nationwide appearance before the super tuesday votes, so the gloves will and must come off! Mitt Romney has been pushed hard throught this process and every time he has been on the brink, he has come back strong, and i expect nothing different tomorrow night, but I do see the other candidates as well as Mitt himself chomping at the bit to address the record of Santorum! So get ready because tomorrow it's on in Arizona!!

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