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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Old habits die hard!

AS the issue of gas prices becomes, for the President, just that, a issue, he must, as this election year progresses, not slip back into his old habits of letting such issues grow into major ones! He must try not to give any ground for his election opponents to stand on. And though it will be nearly impossible for a individual like himself to do, he must abandon the hope of rationale and its appeal! In THIS election , for THIS president, ACTION will speak far louder than any words, as will inaction! If gas prices, due to inaction by the president rise to intolerable levels, no rationale he can offer will absolve him of the blame! And the solid ground that it provides will be used by the republicans as a springboard into the White House in 2012! SO, in the interest of not only the American people, but in the interest of President Obama's re-election effort, I would advise him to do what needs to be done to offset a intolerable, and untimely rise in gas prices, even it it means tapping into energy reserves! And to the republicans who would pooh-pooh such a effort, I would say that the state of the American economy, and the maintenance of same, would qualify the management of Gas prices as a emergency!

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