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Saturday, November 7, 2015

The 2016 Race as it stands.

As we are in the midst of this heated 2016 Presidentail race, i have decided to address the race as it now  stands On the democratic side, it is becoming rapidly clear that this is the Hillary Race, and  she is(to the democrats credit) slowly but surely receiving a clear and unencumbered path to the nomination, and as the smoke and mirrors that surround all things Clinton are slowly dissipated, a VERY qualified, and VERY formidible candiate is emerging!!! Hillary had history snatched from her by history in 2009, but in 2016 History may indeed beckon her, As for the Republicans, what can be said but two words;DONALD TRUMP! Because the political mighty of the republican party, the Pauls, the Christies, the Bush's  and such have been laid low by the Trump  Juggernaut, and as he continues, to the exasperation of both the republican and media status quo, to not  only lead in the polls and remain VIABLE as a candidate,it is clear that, for the republican party elite, their dream of total political control is being dashed by DEMOCRACY!!! Because only in a true democracy could a candidacy like Donald Trumps be at the level that it is!!! Donald Trump , the leader of the republican party, who would have thunk it? But they are sure Thinking it now!!! As for Ben Carson he is beginning to look more and more like Herman Cain every day!1 14 mins and counting Dr Carson!!!!!
So that is the race as it now stands. Look forward to more updates as we take this staright shot into 2016!!!