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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

WTH moments , JOBS and the coming showdown between Mitt & Rick!

Uh, when did Ronald Reagan become one of the two greatest president in modern history? Ronald Reagan was a nice guy and a great public figure, but he was no FDR! In these economic times there are only 2 presidents we need to be looking to, FDR who in the aftermath of the Great depression had the vision and foresight to create the New Deal, & Bill Clinton, who delivered the greatest economic & job expansion in modern history, as well as the only Budget surplus in modern history! That is the type of greatness America needs to aspire to in this hour of economic crisis! And speaking of Jobs, if President Obama can hold the line and the public spotlight on Jobs for the next 6 months he will be re-elected! But he is going to have to make the public see that Trickle down economic doesnt work! It's a recipe for the rich to get richer and the poor to get poorer! Tax cuts dont work, they dont create anything but richer rich people! Time to stop feeding the public the BS about the buisness climate and the buisness community! They are nothing but pigs who have been wallowing at the trough for too long!it's time   to butcher those hogs mr. president! And lastly as far as the coming showdown between Mitt Romney & Rick Perry goes, this must be a defining moment for Mitt. He must stake himself out as THE candidate, The viable candidate, the candidate who can win! He must remind people about His Mass. miracle, about his health care template, and how he should lead into the future! Because if he doesnt, the republicans and the media will dump him like they dumped Sarah Palin for Michelle Bachman! There is no tomorrow for Mitt. this debate is simply do or die!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Irene Hurricane, not hype!

In the search for more fodder for the media grist mill, the media tried(and failed thankfully) to make a story out of Irene not being all that it was alle dged it was to be! But in a telling statement on the tabloid media, they missed the bigger picture in focusing on Irene's effect in Manhattan! Irene destroyed much of the eastern seaboard! the entire east coast up to boston and beyond suffered flooding and mass destruction,! And if the media turned its selective gaze to upstate NY, particulalry in the capitol region, they would see katrina level destruction!!! irene was a hurricane, not hype and this is a textbook example of all that is wrong with the national media! Because they are allways taking nothing and making it into something, and taking something and making it into nothing! Walter Cronkite must be turning over in his grave!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Like crabs in a barrel (the republican presidential field)

Like crabs in a barrel , the republican caididates are pulling each other down in a vain attempt to climb up to the top. And what was once a anybody but Obama race is fast becoming a anybody but Mitt Romney race! So what does it say of todays republicanism, when the only candidate they have who has a minute chance of garnering the across the board support republicans need to even contend is  the one they dont want? It shows that, like crabs in a barrel , todays republicans are out of control! Mitt Romney, Sarah Palin, the republican party, in this suicide misson to defeat  Obama are discarding and alienating anyone abd everyone  and each other! Perry attacks, Romney, Huntsman attacks Perry, Rove attacks Palin, Crabs in a barrel plain and simple! And anyone who has ever seen crabs in a barrel knows that this approach only leads to the bottom of the barrel, never the top! But as the saying goes ,a leopard cant change its spots, and the republicans definately cant stop being crabs!

Friday, August 26, 2011

the King Memorial (recognize & remember!)

AS the DR king memorial becomes a forever reality this sunday, We in america need to recognize how great a  American Dr king was, and remember what he stood for, fought for and died for!
 This man, this black man took America by the hand and dragged it, kicking and screaming out of the darkness of racism and discrimination! He forced America to see itself as it really was, and put it on the path to its own salvation! Because ,as we have seen throught history, a house divided cannot stand! DR King showed all America, what it could truly be, he showed them the way to the mountaintop, the path to the promised land!And while we have not taken any steps to get us closer to the promised land(despite what a deluded few may beleive) we do know the way! And America must never forget that whether or not we get to that promised land, where little white girls and black boys can play together unencumbered by the chains of racism and hatred, that it was Dr king who found the path, who opened the door, who showed us the way! He gave his all for his country ! He won our greatest victory. He changed America and truly made it the land of the free, the land of liberty! And Just as he towered over this land in life and word and deed, now should he do so allways in monument & memory! Thank you Dr king!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Unsung(the CBC)

Clearly the unsung heroes  of the Obama administration has to be the congressional black caucus, because who but they have been there thru thick & thin for the president? When people were jumping ship on everything from the stimulus to the debt ceiling, who was standing their like a rock behind and beside the president? The CBC of course(backed by the black vote)! And as the president prepares once again to sail thru stormy political seas, he can take comfort and security in the fact that no matter the political waves that buffett him, the CBC will allways be stalwart for him, and the Black vote remains the REAL wind in his political sails!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Allen West and the new black Tokenism!

Allen West and his comments are but the latest in what has become a trend of tokenism for and in black politics! We have too many self-haters and sell outs in the black community rising to social prominence and media access via their willingness to become token symbols of " conservatism"!
Tokenism, and elitism has no place in the black community, especially since that community still continues to struggle under the policies and politics of "conservatism"! We dont need  negros feeding into the skewed and stereotypical views of many conservatives with their self-hate, because while you think you arent one of"those negros" it only takes a'teachable moment" for you to realize that you are! So to Allen West and all of those new black "conservatives" who have sold their soul in order to be shown favor in "Massa's" house, we are all still on the plantation sad to say,  and you are, without a doubt, the HOUSE NEGROS!!!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

the CBC & the Jobs picture(returned to the back of the Bus

The CBC(congressional black caucus) is to be saluted for putting the spotlight on those who are suffering the most in this jobless recovery and economy: BLACKS!!! Black people are suffering unemployment at nearly DOUBLE the rate of the general nation, and that in itself lends question to the process as a whole! Because you better beelieve that blacks are last on the list when it comes to getting hired in America these days! And its not due to those same old mantras about education and all the rest! You could be a damn janitor, and if a white person, asian person , spanish person and a black man lined up, that black man would be the last one considered for that job! 16 percent unemployment in the black community, I defy anyone to tell me that racism dont have a hell of a lot to do with it! And to all those who refuse to confront the issue, I say to you,   when the system was failing black people, DR king fought to change the system! The problem today is that rather than trying to get us out o the back of the Bus, too many black leaders and elected officals are trying to keep us quiet, and are telling us to enjoy the ride!  We are back in the back of the Bus people, and its time we wake up and say something about it! and I for one, hope that this action By the CBC is the first step down that path! It's time to rock the boat!!!!
Cause I dont know about you, but im as tired as Rosa Parks was with the state of black people in America!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

character & leadership versus issues! Which one America?

As America carreens toward 2012, despite all the so called political expertise that is out there, the simple fact remains that this will be, as most of our presidential elections are, a battle between Character and leadership quality, versus the issues! For, if you examine our political history, you can see that for republicans, the winning tickets has been character and leadership quality: Ie: Reagan, Bush 1 & 2, while for the democrats, Issues have brought them to the white house IE Clinton & Obama! So know this FACT, America has to decide what is most important for them in this election, the issues, joblessness, and the deficit, or who do they think can fill the role as leader! Image or substance, character & perceived quality, or the issues? Which one America?
Myself I think the answer is very clear, what about you?

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Following the campaign trail( sights seen)

As we begin the long process of following the 2012 campaign trail, we can see its going to have a lot of Ups and downs. Firstly we see that, despite her Big win in Iowa, Michelle Bachman benefitted little from it due to the entrance of Rick Perry into the race. And then, with the irrationality that has been the Hallmark of the Perry Governorship, he immediately accused the US gov of treason(keeping in mind that this is the same Gov who threatened to secede from the USA!) This chest thumping sort of politicizing may sell west of the pecos, but Michelle Bachman & Rick Perry will have a tough sell in move civilized climes! Its getting to the now or never decision time for Sarah Palin.And, to be frank, if she doesnt get in, she will be totally out of the political process at this level forever! Because that will be all that the "lamestream" media needs to render her the non-factor they have been dying to do! The clock is at 13 mins Sarah, whats it gonna be!? Mitt Rommney is clearly the Hunted among republicans, but if he fights and wins, he will have unified support from them!This nomination is his to win, but he is going to have to get down and more than a little dirty against players like Perry!The president missed a golden opportunity to regulate  the Tea party somewhat with his confrontation. He ,being ever the great conciliator, avoided the confrontation, but he should have let them be seen as the rabid dogs they are! I havent forgotten what they did to Rep Lewis and the like in the final days of the health care debate, and America needs to be reminded that there is a good reason why they were called terrorists! And lastly The president needs to take advanatage of the congressional break to push his Jobs agenda across the country! Its a open field Mr, president , so run sir, run!!!!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Is Obama ready for the fight?

He has spent the last three years being totally savaged by the republican machine. Everything, his personality, his status, his policies, has been challenged and undermined, so now, with 2012 looming, the only question is; Is Obama ready for the fight? Because this is going to be a knock down drag out fight for him!This is a race where he is the target, he is the hunted not the hunter! This coming election camapign for the incumbent president  will be a race where he must be on message and his message must be on point! Simple platitudes will not do, this is a fight, and to be frank its time to BRING it! Fire & brimstone! On issues like jobs and the state of congress! Yes indeed Obama hit the nail on the head when he said country first! Indeed that needs to be his campaign slogan! Simply put for the president its time for the gloves to come off on issues like taxing the rich! He can no longer remain above the fray, the time for teachable moments are done! Its You or them Mr. president, and you need to sell to the american people with fire and brimstone, coming from the belly and not the brain, that you deserve a second term! No pulling punches! This is a fight, and the question remains yet unanswered: Are you truly ready for the fight? Because clearly, the republicans dont beleive that you are!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Political potpourri!

A potpourri for you on this saturday: The main appeal Rick Perry has is that he fits the republican status quo, the republican mold. Stuffy white male, with tinges of southern gentleman. If he wins the nomination, and I highly doubt he will, I can see the ads ripping him now, "the last gov of texas we elected----!"
Like the fight in that Sarah Palin. Despite all thats against  her, she is still staying relevant!Im hoping she get's into the republican race, because they need the status quo to be turned upside down! A question I  think should be asked of Mitt Rommney is:WHY does  he want to be president? All Politics aside, WHY does he want it so much? Courts have pulled out the foundation from Obamacare, whats next? The Obama presidency is more and more resembling a reverse  mutiny on the bounty, with captain bly leading the mutiny!  Hillary Clinton continuing to look very impressive in her duties as Sec of State.Despite what she has said publically, If Obama falls in 2012. she will be on many short lists for 2016. and I wouldnt be surprised if they press her to primary Obama again in the next few months! Does Ron Paul read history?The last time  the USA Minded their own buisness, it led to World  War II!
If Sarah Palin enters the race, will Michelle Bachman continue to matter?
And lastly, when will Obama announce anf focus on a major Jobs package, because that will be the key to his re-election, if he gets it off and gets it off first, he will be re-elected, but if he doesnt---!

Happy saturday people!

Friday, August 12, 2011

The Fox debate(sound & fury)!

Last nights republican debate was a exercise in sound and fury that signified nothing! Sure it got a bunch of sound bites for the media, but it did nothing for any candidate that participated( except perhaps for Michele Bachman(the Anti Palin for the media's purposes) Nothing has changed, MItt Rommney still holds the front runners spot, and he still looks like the candidate the republican Base will accept, and good news for Mitt, he actually seemed to loosen up for a few minutes, and for him that is a good thing! But last night no plans were advanced no insight was achieved, the only winner in last nights debate was the media, because it gave them trivialities to talk about! But trivialities arent getting people employed! Michelle Bachman being a submissive(ooh that kinda turns me on)wont bring jobs to America! So for the next debate; where more candidates will be involved , I hope that the focus will truly be on the issues and where the candidates stand on them
and not a lot of sound and fury, because that signifies and avails both the candidates and America

Thursday, August 11, 2011

the republican presidential debate

As the latest Presidential debate gets underway tonight on of course FOX, Im wondering will any republican really diffirentiate themselves from all the rest? or will it be the same old'tax cuts, free us from the burden of Gov, Ge rid of Obama drivel" that they normally spew?  This nation is in crisis, a economic crisis, and nothing is being done about it! People are fighting to simply survive, and not one candidate is standing up for them! That is who will be the next president, the candidate who people can look to and say, he will fight for me! And to be frank, on neither side, that candidate has yet to emerge! will he(or she) emerge tonight, we'll have to wait and see!!! But there is a void wating to be filled, and  the candidate who can tap into the power of that void will be, without a doubt, the next president of the USA!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bachman, the markets,Obama and why the republicans wont win!

Michelle Bachman took a bad shot and it was published, SO FREAKIN WHAT! Crazy is as does, it wasnt the picture that categorized her as crazy, it was her Ideals, statements ,actions and beliefs! So give Newsweek a break!The fact that she  is running for president is indeed Crazy, thats the real issue here! As far as the markets go, efforts of the republican party aside( and since they are the arichitects of all thise financial disaster and uncertianty, why are they trying to have a no confidence vote about the Sec of the treasury?) Physician's heal thyselves! As far as all the speculation on what the president Should or should not do, it doesnt matter, the republicans will be against it, even if its clearly a great Idea IE: Health Care! simply put As long as President Obama tries to run this nation from his cerebellum instead of from the heart, he will cotninue to have problems! he needs to embrace his inner Dick Cheney and at some time, and soon, tell the republicans to go f- themlseves, and do what he wants!!! Like it or not that is why Bush was re-elected, because when he told the UN to essentially go f themselves, he established that he was In charge, and Obama sorely needs that in- charge moment! But that aside, even with the continual foibles and issues against him, right now the reublicans dont have a chance of winning the white house in 2012, and here's why, Obama has allready ran and won a close race agaisnt the strongest of strong candidates Hillary Clinton, and aint noone in the republican Party Hillary Clinton! The race may be close, but Obama the man will trump any and all republicans who are currently in the race!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Wisconsin folks, Wisconsin!

If you can tear your eyes away from the Hindenberg that is the financial markets, turn your eyes to Wisconsin, where another Tea party fueled debacle, the Collective bargaining  issue, has spurred a recall election! The results of which will be a "for whom the bell tolls" moment. So check out Wisconsin tonight folks, because as Wisconsin goes(something I bet you'd never thought you'd hear) so will go this nation!!!

Monday, August 8, 2011

The sky fell!

With the markets in turmoil, it is clear that chicken little was right in this debt ceiling situation, the sky was indeed falling, and it fell! And as those who were directly responsible for this, the republican party try  to, as usual, avoid blame, We must now enjoy the fruits of their political labors! We have been diminished in the eyes of the world, our leadership credibility  tarnished forever! And as the financial markets reel, for the average American, this is going to convert again to yet another hit in the pocketbook! And now, after months of delay and political debate , they are going to turn around and blame the Sec. of the Treasury???!!! The financial sky fell over the past weekend, and it fell because it was pulled down  by the republican party! And  it is they, and they alone who must and should bear the brunt of criticism for the draggin thru the mud, that the USA's financial name is now undergoing!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

putting the buisness in the street!

Well I hope the Republicans are happy! because it is their political grandstanding and theatre that has lead us to this historic pass. the USA, the Leader of the free world has been downgraded before and in the eyes of the world, to double A status financially!

And now that this ignominity has fully set in, I wonder what is the next destructive thing that the republicans can do to this country in their tunnel vision , blind pursuit of power!? And the sad fact is that this could have been avoided , if a deal could have been quietly done! But the republicans ,who have seized on any and all chances to make much political ado out of nothings , by putting the buisness of America out in the political street, by airing publically america's financial dirty laundry, have by their actions diminshed american financial status and global prestige! So I hope that the Republicans are happy, because by putting american buisness out in the political street, they have gotten us into yet another fine mess!!!! Thank you very much Republican party!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Putting the blame where it lies(instead of the lies)

I think it is a appalling shame how the republicans and the republican media continue to try to pin the blame for this economic disaster that we are in on the Obama Administration! Especially when the blame clearly lies with the republicans and all the policies they implemented and imposed in the last 13 years! It was the republicans who squandered the surplus handed them by the Clinton administration, it was the republicans who created unfunded mandate after unfunded mandate! It was the republicans who dragged us into a unnecessary war in Iraq! it was the republicans who issited upon tax cuts and deregulation! Clearly the economic blood is on republican hands, but yet, as they have allways done in the last 13 years, they have shifted the blame to everywhere but where it lies!  13 years ago, there was a assertation that there were weapons of mass destruction, well they have been found, theyre in the house of representitives and the tea party!!! How about putting the blame where it lies, instead of all the lies!!!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The real dream act( Job training programs)

AS the debt ceiling debacle fades into political memory, perhaps now finally capitol hill can focus upon what should be of No.1 priority, and that is the soaring unemployment rate! We need jobs in America, Now not later. And its clear that the'job creators" those who worship at the altar of 'trickle down' of "no new raxes on the rich" wont create them! Trickle down doesnt work, and the clearest evidence of that is HSBC who ,despite having record profits and cash on hand, is cutting jobs not creating them! And with the private sector clearly failing, it is long overdue for the Gov to step in! We have unemployed short and long term, we need these people on the tax rolls with money to infuse into the economy, we need them to become once more part of the revenue stream, and the only way this can be done is for the Gov to take the lead, with job training and with Gov jobs!!! For over 13 years now corporate America  and the" job creators" have had every break in the book, and they have failed to solve our job problem, so its time for the Gov to step up! With a real'dream" act, a jobs bill! Because in america where we used to try to find a dream job, now its the dream of too many americans to simply find a job! Jobs now! and no more excuses!!!!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Compromise to catastrophe!!!

SO it seems like we have a Debt ceiling deal, So why do I feel like the czechs did after Chamberlain compromised away the Rhine? The republicans. due to the over emphasis on "compromise" and "Bi-partisanship" have virtually turned the debate in America from greed to selflessness! And when things like Social security and medicare  and taxing the rich become bad words in the american lexicon, then you know something is wrong!
It is no wonder the republicans are loving to come to the table, because everytime they do, they come away with America's shirt! And what is truly wrong with america when tea partiers can come on televsion and proudly defend their stance of no taxes on the rich. in this time when they and only they are propsering!? Simply put, this president and this congress is compromising us into catastrophe! From health care to this Debt ceiling bill, the republicans have kicked the democrats down the road, and after every shellecking, these dems just get up, and go back for more! Compromise is not compromise when youre allways giving and theyre allways taking! Bi-partisanship is not when one party is getting everything they want, and your giving up everything !President Obama is to be commended for trying to make Government be all that it can be, but he cannot continue to lead in this vein, because it is simply becoming catastrophic to the American people! Every issue of importance is becoming cringeworthy to the american people, because they know that it will be "compromised"!
The spirit of bia partisanship and compromise is one thing, but getting taken to the cleaners is another! Find another way mr. President before its too late, and indeed it may allready be too late! Stop with the compromise, because it is leading to political  and social catastrophe!!!