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Monday, August 8, 2011

The sky fell!

With the markets in turmoil, it is clear that chicken little was right in this debt ceiling situation, the sky was indeed falling, and it fell! And as those who were directly responsible for this, the republican party try  to, as usual, avoid blame, We must now enjoy the fruits of their political labors! We have been diminished in the eyes of the world, our leadership credibility  tarnished forever! And as the financial markets reel, for the average American, this is going to convert again to yet another hit in the pocketbook! And now, after months of delay and political debate , they are going to turn around and blame the Sec. of the Treasury???!!! The financial sky fell over the past weekend, and it fell because it was pulled down  by the republican party! And  it is they, and they alone who must and should bear the brunt of criticism for the draggin thru the mud, that the USA's financial name is now undergoing!

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