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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Following the campaign trail( sights seen)

As we begin the long process of following the 2012 campaign trail, we can see its going to have a lot of Ups and downs. Firstly we see that, despite her Big win in Iowa, Michelle Bachman benefitted little from it due to the entrance of Rick Perry into the race. And then, with the irrationality that has been the Hallmark of the Perry Governorship, he immediately accused the US gov of treason(keeping in mind that this is the same Gov who threatened to secede from the USA!) This chest thumping sort of politicizing may sell west of the pecos, but Michelle Bachman & Rick Perry will have a tough sell in move civilized climes! Its getting to the now or never decision time for Sarah Palin.And, to be frank, if she doesnt get in, she will be totally out of the political process at this level forever! Because that will be all that the "lamestream" media needs to render her the non-factor they have been dying to do! The clock is at 13 mins Sarah, whats it gonna be!? Mitt Rommney is clearly the Hunted among republicans, but if he fights and wins, he will have unified support from them!This nomination is his to win, but he is going to have to get down and more than a little dirty against players like Perry!The president missed a golden opportunity to regulate  the Tea party somewhat with his confrontation. He ,being ever the great conciliator, avoided the confrontation, but he should have let them be seen as the rabid dogs they are! I havent forgotten what they did to Rep Lewis and the like in the final days of the health care debate, and America needs to be reminded that there is a good reason why they were called terrorists! And lastly The president needs to take advanatage of the congressional break to push his Jobs agenda across the country! Its a open field Mr, president , so run sir, run!!!!

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