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Monday, August 15, 2011

Is Obama ready for the fight?

He has spent the last three years being totally savaged by the republican machine. Everything, his personality, his status, his policies, has been challenged and undermined, so now, with 2012 looming, the only question is; Is Obama ready for the fight? Because this is going to be a knock down drag out fight for him!This is a race where he is the target, he is the hunted not the hunter! This coming election camapign for the incumbent president  will be a race where he must be on message and his message must be on point! Simple platitudes will not do, this is a fight, and to be frank its time to BRING it! Fire & brimstone! On issues like jobs and the state of congress! Yes indeed Obama hit the nail on the head when he said country first! Indeed that needs to be his campaign slogan! Simply put for the president its time for the gloves to come off on issues like taxing the rich! He can no longer remain above the fray, the time for teachable moments are done! Its You or them Mr. president, and you need to sell to the american people with fire and brimstone, coming from the belly and not the brain, that you deserve a second term! No pulling punches! This is a fight, and the question remains yet unanswered: Are you truly ready for the fight? Because clearly, the republicans dont beleive that you are!

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