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Thursday, August 11, 2011

the republican presidential debate

As the latest Presidential debate gets underway tonight on of course FOX, Im wondering will any republican really diffirentiate themselves from all the rest? or will it be the same old'tax cuts, free us from the burden of Gov, Ge rid of Obama drivel" that they normally spew?  This nation is in crisis, a economic crisis, and nothing is being done about it! People are fighting to simply survive, and not one candidate is standing up for them! That is who will be the next president, the candidate who people can look to and say, he will fight for me! And to be frank, on neither side, that candidate has yet to emerge! will he(or she) emerge tonight, we'll have to wait and see!!! But there is a void wating to be filled, and  the candidate who can tap into the power of that void will be, without a doubt, the next president of the USA!

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