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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Political potpourri!

A potpourri for you on this saturday: The main appeal Rick Perry has is that he fits the republican status quo, the republican mold. Stuffy white male, with tinges of southern gentleman. If he wins the nomination, and I highly doubt he will, I can see the ads ripping him now, "the last gov of texas we elected----!"
Like the fight in that Sarah Palin. Despite all thats against  her, she is still staying relevant!Im hoping she get's into the republican race, because they need the status quo to be turned upside down! A question I  think should be asked of Mitt Rommney is:WHY does  he want to be president? All Politics aside, WHY does he want it so much? Courts have pulled out the foundation from Obamacare, whats next? The Obama presidency is more and more resembling a reverse  mutiny on the bounty, with captain bly leading the mutiny!  Hillary Clinton continuing to look very impressive in her duties as Sec of State.Despite what she has said publically, If Obama falls in 2012. she will be on many short lists for 2016. and I wouldnt be surprised if they press her to primary Obama again in the next few months! Does Ron Paul read history?The last time  the USA Minded their own buisness, it led to World  War II!
If Sarah Palin enters the race, will Michelle Bachman continue to matter?
And lastly, when will Obama announce anf focus on a major Jobs package, because that will be the key to his re-election, if he gets it off and gets it off first, he will be re-elected, but if he doesnt---!

Happy saturday people!

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