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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The real dream act( Job training programs)

AS the debt ceiling debacle fades into political memory, perhaps now finally capitol hill can focus upon what should be of No.1 priority, and that is the soaring unemployment rate! We need jobs in America, Now not later. And its clear that the'job creators" those who worship at the altar of 'trickle down' of "no new raxes on the rich" wont create them! Trickle down doesnt work, and the clearest evidence of that is HSBC who ,despite having record profits and cash on hand, is cutting jobs not creating them! And with the private sector clearly failing, it is long overdue for the Gov to step in! We have unemployed short and long term, we need these people on the tax rolls with money to infuse into the economy, we need them to become once more part of the revenue stream, and the only way this can be done is for the Gov to take the lead, with job training and with Gov jobs!!! For over 13 years now corporate America  and the" job creators" have had every break in the book, and they have failed to solve our job problem, so its time for the Gov to step up! With a real'dream" act, a jobs bill! Because in america where we used to try to find a dream job, now its the dream of too many americans to simply find a job! Jobs now! and no more excuses!!!!

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