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Thursday, August 18, 2011

the CBC & the Jobs picture(returned to the back of the Bus

The CBC(congressional black caucus) is to be saluted for putting the spotlight on those who are suffering the most in this jobless recovery and economy: BLACKS!!! Black people are suffering unemployment at nearly DOUBLE the rate of the general nation, and that in itself lends question to the process as a whole! Because you better beelieve that blacks are last on the list when it comes to getting hired in America these days! And its not due to those same old mantras about education and all the rest! You could be a damn janitor, and if a white person, asian person , spanish person and a black man lined up, that black man would be the last one considered for that job! 16 percent unemployment in the black community, I defy anyone to tell me that racism dont have a hell of a lot to do with it! And to all those who refuse to confront the issue, I say to you,   when the system was failing black people, DR king fought to change the system! The problem today is that rather than trying to get us out o the back of the Bus, too many black leaders and elected officals are trying to keep us quiet, and are telling us to enjoy the ride!  We are back in the back of the Bus people, and its time we wake up and say something about it! and I for one, hope that this action By the CBC is the first step down that path! It's time to rock the boat!!!!
Cause I dont know about you, but im as tired as Rosa Parks was with the state of black people in America!

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