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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Irene Hurricane, not hype!

In the search for more fodder for the media grist mill, the media tried(and failed thankfully) to make a story out of Irene not being all that it was alle dged it was to be! But in a telling statement on the tabloid media, they missed the bigger picture in focusing on Irene's effect in Manhattan! Irene destroyed much of the eastern seaboard! the entire east coast up to boston and beyond suffered flooding and mass destruction,! And if the media turned its selective gaze to upstate NY, particulalry in the capitol region, they would see katrina level destruction!!! irene was a hurricane, not hype and this is a textbook example of all that is wrong with the national media! Because they are allways taking nothing and making it into something, and taking something and making it into nothing! Walter Cronkite must be turning over in his grave!

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