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Friday, August 12, 2011

The Fox debate(sound & fury)!

Last nights republican debate was a exercise in sound and fury that signified nothing! Sure it got a bunch of sound bites for the media, but it did nothing for any candidate that participated( except perhaps for Michele Bachman(the Anti Palin for the media's purposes) Nothing has changed, MItt Rommney still holds the front runners spot, and he still looks like the candidate the republican Base will accept, and good news for Mitt, he actually seemed to loosen up for a few minutes, and for him that is a good thing! But last night no plans were advanced no insight was achieved, the only winner in last nights debate was the media, because it gave them trivialities to talk about! But trivialities arent getting people employed! Michelle Bachman being a submissive(ooh that kinda turns me on)wont bring jobs to America! So for the next debate; where more candidates will be involved , I hope that the focus will truly be on the issues and where the candidates stand on them
and not a lot of sound and fury, because that signifies and avails both the candidates and America

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