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Monday, August 1, 2011

Compromise to catastrophe!!!

SO it seems like we have a Debt ceiling deal, So why do I feel like the czechs did after Chamberlain compromised away the Rhine? The republicans. due to the over emphasis on "compromise" and "Bi-partisanship" have virtually turned the debate in America from greed to selflessness! And when things like Social security and medicare  and taxing the rich become bad words in the american lexicon, then you know something is wrong!
It is no wonder the republicans are loving to come to the table, because everytime they do, they come away with America's shirt! And what is truly wrong with america when tea partiers can come on televsion and proudly defend their stance of no taxes on the rich. in this time when they and only they are propsering!? Simply put, this president and this congress is compromising us into catastrophe! From health care to this Debt ceiling bill, the republicans have kicked the democrats down the road, and after every shellecking, these dems just get up, and go back for more! Compromise is not compromise when youre allways giving and theyre allways taking! Bi-partisanship is not when one party is getting everything they want, and your giving up everything !President Obama is to be commended for trying to make Government be all that it can be, but he cannot continue to lead in this vein, because it is simply becoming catastrophic to the American people! Every issue of importance is becoming cringeworthy to the american people, because they know that it will be "compromised"!
The spirit of bia partisanship and compromise is one thing, but getting taken to the cleaners is another! Find another way mr. President before its too late, and indeed it may allready be too late! Stop with the compromise, because it is leading to political  and social catastrophe!!!

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