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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Down to the wire?(the debt ceiling)

As our so called elected leaders continue to posture and pontificate while achieving nothing when it comes to Americans financial foundation, it shows a political myopia about priorites and concerns on capitol hill. I mean hello, peoples lives are at stake here! Today and next week, not next month or next year! So excuse me for believing that this is a lot more important than financial projections about future solvency! The legacy that so many republicans keep crowing about leaving is the memories of this time that will be left in the hearts and minds of those who are witnessing this great and epic failure of responsibilty  and lack of vision by congress! As this debt ceiling issue goes unconcionably and unacceptably down to the wire, it is seniors, veterans ,and all the rest who are the potential losers here, along with everyday americans, and every person who stupidly got manipulated and swept along into the tea party wave, every voter who fell for the usual repub lican BS, ought to be ashamed right now! Because it is you who are jepordizing the health and welfare of our seniors, of our soldiers, of everyday americans! So i hope youre happy! Because as the saying goes, you have cut off your nose to spite your face with this debt ceiling issue! And with that said, I am once again calling on the president to step into the breach using any and all congressional power at his command to raise the debt ceiling to prevent a national catastrophe with global implications! Its time for action, not to simply sit back and watch it happen!!! because that is indeed a EPIC FAIL!!!

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